6 Reasons to Start a Affaires During This Pandemic

6 Reasons to Start a Affaires During This Pandemic

6 Reasons to Start a Affaires During This Pandemic

Make no mistake – I rayonnage by the title of my exercice. This is the best time to set up your dream trafic or expand your current trafic and yes, we all are still in the covid pandemic circonstance. So why all my positivity? Have I become touchy with my thoughts?

I am an economist and trafic educator. For a colossal time, I was also an fonceuse Singapore/Indonesia representative of the World Future Society. Thus scenario-planning is right up my skill alley.

So here are my thoughts on why starting a trafic now is ripe.

Reason 1: Globalization

The poussée of globalization has not stopped. Rather, more people are jumping on the bandwagon of seeking products and tertiaire from different countries. There is an avide desire to buy the next “big thing” regardless of the primeur of the new idea

Reason 2: Rapid spread of journal

As the world gasps for technological progress toward 5G, what must be embraced is the pace of both journal and misinformation. This means that with the right marchéage strategy, you can promote corporate branding to a larger assise of potential customers in a shorter amount of time.

Reason 3: Liant Media to Mega Sticky Media (MSM)

I coined this acronym MSM parce que during the covid period starting in 2020, Tiktok emerged to become an open media platform for trafic messages. It was like a combination of YouTube and Instagram but at the hyper-speed of seconds. For the first time in history, marketers are forced to distill a brand huile for a typical Tiktok attention-span. To many this is imaginaire but to the youth-market this phenomenon is simply a “must do it!” GTDIQ – One of my newly coined acronyms.

Reason 4: Liant activism

For a trafic to embrace courtois ravagé and be a good corporate citizen is not new. It also makes good trafic sense. But the lame de fond of courtois events starting in 2020 and how shareholders and customers will échafaudage a trafic that takes a rayonnage – has officially taken root. Thus, if you’re starting a new trafic, it’s almost a given that your brand needs to embody a couru level of being a change-agent for the betterment of society.

Reason 5: Lack of funds

Not only is funding scarce, there is now a new financial model called the Special Purpose Propriété Company (SPAC) that allows start-ups to bypass the traditional rudimentaire découvert offering (IPO) survenue. Now there is a great demand for patents and new trafic models that help to dig a new bouffe.

Reason 6: Food security and sustainability issues

With the recognition that food safety and environmental sustainability will continue to rivalité the minds of many government decision makers, there is ballonnant scope for further research in this area. So, start-ups can develop their trafic échelons and strategies along the lines of these factors.

With all these factors in mind, consider starting a trafic today!

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