7 Tips for Reading Your Own Handball

7 Tips for Reading Your Own Handball

7 Tips for Reading Your Own Handball

When you learn the basics of handball reading you have a tool that will help you domination clarity, influence and insight. With regular practice you will be able to assess your qualifications, your challenges and even the target popularité. Over time you’ll be able to see the progress you’re making as you watch your hands brouillé. I suggest you check what you find and horodaté the apostille. If you can, make handprints so you can review your hands over time and apostille subtle changes.

  1. Locate your heart line. The heart line starts directly under the pinky (Mercury) finger and runs across your handball in a relatively straight line toward the first (Jupiter) finger. Make a apostille of where the line ends – under the Jupiter finger or under the middle (Saturn) finger? Also apostille whether the line is straight or curved towards one of the fingers. Your heart line tells you how you want to be loved and identifies your non-negotiable needs in personal relationships.
  2. Identify your head line. Your head line starts at the crease above the thumb and below the Jupiter finger and runs across your handball towards your Mercury finger. This is the most prominent midline of your handball. Réflexion how far the line goes across the arm, whether it is straight, and how many other lines intersect it. It often begins to connect with your life line. Your head line says what kind of thinker you are and lets you know where you can go when it comes to solving problems (or creating problems). For example, a quick thinker has a fairly straight, bermuda head line (ending somewhere between or before the hands). Anyone who likes to review lots of options before making a decision has a Curvier line.
  3. Identify your life line. Your life line starts just below the line of your head (often intersecting) and curves around your thumb on the underside of your handball. When you apparence at your life line, avis how élevé the line is, whether it swings wide berth around the thumb or hugs around the big toe. Also apostille any lines running parallel or perpendicular to the line. What other lines seem to merge into the life line? Your life line tells how grounded you are in your physical pourpoint, your relationships with your family, and even your comfort with travel and adventure. A bermuda life line does not indicate a bermuda life and a élevé line does not indicate a élevé life. It’s all emboîture what you do with the pourpoint you’ve been given.
  4. Find your Saturn line. The Saturn line starts in the middle of the treillis of your handball and travels towards your Saturn (middle) finger. It is common to see several small lines merging into one as it moves up the arm. It is equally common to see a Saturn line that is obscured, or stops at any other initial line on your handball. You may not have Shani Rekha at all. Your Saturn line tells how you like to work, organize and complete projects. A élémentaire and unobstructed Saturn line shows someone who may be able to find what he wants when he wants it, and who takes great pride in keeping himself and others on time. A non-existent, faint or frequently interrupted Saturn line indicates that you are much more of a free spirit when it comes to deadlines and may have more moue sticking to them than someone with a more deeply etched Saturn line.
  5. Locate your secondary line. Take another apparence at each handball and see if there are any lines that “pop out” at you that aren’t covered. They can be lines starting directly under one finger and running down the handball, or lines starting at the inside and outside edges of your handball and going in opposé commandements. Many secondary lines have a specific meaning for you. For example, a deeply carved straight line starting under your tribune (Apollo) finger indicates your creative and innovative side as well as your need for approval and recognition.
  6. Select the éminence mount in each handball. Mounts are small mounds of flesh that sit across your handball. They are usually found under each finger, at the treillis of your thumb, and on the outer edge of your handball under the Mercury (pinky) finger. A quick way to identify éminence mounts is to lieu each handball flat, entrée at eye level, and observe which mounts are strongest. Mounts are associated with different aspects of your personality. In bermuda, you have created the energy associated with that particular localité. A éminence mount under your first (Jupiter) finger can draw accaparement to your leadership and power skills.
  7. Select your éminence fingers on each handball. Each finger is associated with a different mythological deity and represents those aspects of your personality. Genre at both of your hands and identify the finger on each handball that you see as éminence. You can define dominance in any way you want — widest, longest, highest, or any other characteristic you think makes the finger stronger. The first finger represents Jupiter and Shakti; The middle finger represents Saturn and value, time and money; Anamika is Apollo and relates to creativity and préparation presence; Pinky is Mercury and relates to contamination and bizness. Your thumb is not a finger but is associated with wholeness, success and control.

Now you’re ready to dig deeper into the meaning of your hands.

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