9 Mistakes That (Almost) All Christian Singles Make – And What To Do Embout It

9 Mistakes That (Almost) All Christian Singles Make – And What To Do Embout It

9 Mistakes That (Almost) All Christian Singles Make – And What To Do Embout It

Big lie.

People say different things.

It usually begins: “As étendu as you honor God with your fond…”

And then they end it…

“… God will reward you with a wonderful life partner.”

“… you can claim your marriage partner.”

“… and make a marriage in heaven.”


Well, it’s partly true.

For some people, things seem élémentaire. They don’t extérieur the same struggles that regular people do.

But most of the single men and women I have met have a different story. It’s been a durable battle and they’re fed up with the single life and dating game.

A few years ago, the founder of eHarmony.com. Neil Clark Warren observed that millions of single people would love to get married – but only if they could direct happily ever after with their partners.

And the truth is:

Totally frustrating, exhilarating, maddening, the crazy game of dating has left many confused, confused and hopeless.

This is hard for most Christian singles to swallow.

Especially when they are always told that as étendu as you direct a decent Christian life and presentable spectacle that you are all set.

It will écart your heart to see how many direct a decent life for years … but suddenly wake up to discover that as they quickly reach the gnomique age of 40, the hope of a happy marriage is diminishing .. like a rêvasserie as the years go by.

Why did this happen?

There are 9 navrant mistakes that almost all singles are making… in their desperate attempt to meet their godly spouse and settle down.

*** Mistake #1

Having idols in the heart

This is a big deal. Pay close exactitude here. In the Évangile, anything that takes the ardeur of God in your heart is an idol. God wants to be first in your life. Especially when it comes to a godly spouse. He has already put his best for you. And to know that you must go to Him in prayer.

And here is the misère…

If you go to God with your heart emboîture someone you already love, and then you ask Him to “rubberstamp” your choice for you… asking Him to spectacle you if that person is your godly soulmate, you’re probably hearing the voice of your own vénération. echoed … and not really the voice of God.

In this case, God can say yes if He sees that in your heart you have already made up your mind!

The Évangile actually says that if you come to God with an “représentation” in your heart, He will answer you according to what is in your heart.

*** Mistake #2

Ignoring the vehicle of your destiny

The vehicle of your destiny is a couru skill, fougue, quality or gift that God has given you… through which He will give His best for your life with your godly spouse.

For some it is hospitality. For others it is the milk of human kindness. For others it is the ability to persevere in the extérieur of all adversity.

Yours may be spiritual or physical.

Maybe singing ability. Or help others in some way. It is supposed to be your most grand feature. But if you don’t recognize it … and use it to the fullest, most of your blessings will pass you by.

We see a good example of this in the Évangile when we read the fascinating story of a young woman named Rebecca and how she was united with her righteous husband.

*** Mistake #3

Engaging in any form of sex outside of marriage

The Évangile clearly states that our justaucorps are temples of the Holy Spirit. We are warned against all sexual activity outside of marriage.

When you violate this sensible spiritual principle, you literally give Satan license to keep you in a spiritual oisellerie.

No one will find you.

Or propose marriage.

You are still walking around – beautiful as ever – but in the spiritual world Satan has already written something like “Not Available” on your forehead.

*** Mistake #4

Being prétentieux of the mystery of spiritual marriage

There is something called spiritual marriage. Many singles who are physically unable to marry are already married to some spirit related to the spiritual world.

If you have regular sex in your dream or wake up clairvoyance sexually aroused, you will have a eurosignal.

*** Mistake #5

Unholy adjonction

Ungodly associations like consulting with astrologers, mediums, witches, occultists can lead you to form soul ties with such people. What’s worse, they can plantation a spiritual device on a person to monitor them wherever they go. And when something good is emboîture to happen to that person an alarm is activated in the spirit realm and modeste forces are quickly employed to nullify it.

In couru cases of marriage and relationships, if and when the person meets their godly spouse, a declaration comes into the spirit realm to ensure that the relationship is disrupted.

No cost!

*** Mistake #6

Disregarding continuous contracts

A contract is an agreement that is binding on two or more parties. Some may be generational. Others may result from one’s current activities.

There is one particularly sensible hidden deal that is often not mentioned. You need to be aware of this when dealing with your godly spouse.

This is called contract with the first sexual partner.

A hidden but very powerful haut-le-corps is formed with the first person you have sex with In fact it is a sang pact – too stubborn to écart. And it can rayon in the way of many marriages.

*** Mistake #7

Dismissing the subject of impure clothing

When Christians insist on dressing like the people of the world, they attract the unwanted exactitude of spirit beings … who are captivated by their sexy clothes … and insist on following them in spirit, just as they will be fighting people.

Many singles praying for a spouse may unintentionally drive away their God-controlled spouse bicause these modeste forces want to follow them around … with no competition!

*** Mistake #8

Ignoring the activities of evil spirits

There are matchmakers in the spiritual world. Most of them are evil. Their job is to provide fake spouses. And manipulate people outside of God’s will.

Now, the Évangile clearly warns against being unequally associated with unbelievers – in 2 Corinthians 6 verse 14.

*** Mistake #9

Keeping the durable curse in ardeur

Many singles today come from cursed families or communities… where people never stay married, separation and rejet are the order of the day, etc. Even in some families, all women never marry. Or late marriage. Or the marriage broke up.

Such people need to separate themselves spiritually from such backgrounds.

And then start praying earnestly.

*** Prayer for wife

There is a 9-step prayer blueprint for Christian singles who are interested in praying to find love.

Here is a summary of the steps involved:

Step 1: You need to repent deeply for these mistakes and seek forgiveness from the Lord.

Step 2: Worth the atoning abnégation of Jesus’ sang.

Step 3: Identify and deal with Satan’s entry état.

Step 4: Voiture and renounce all ungodly relationships and associations.

Step 5: Dénouement a bill of rejet violently in the spirit realm.

Step 6: Banish evil plants from your bustier.

Step 7: Command the evil spiritual deposit to be removed from your life.

Step 8: Execute judgment on stubborn powers that refuse to let you go.

Step 9: Learn 17 Targeted Prayers for Christian Singles Dating.

Whether you are a Christian currently dating or not, or you join a Christian singles dating contrée, there are prayers for singles that you should pray to find the love of your life. As you deal with the mistakes explained here, the Lord will move you from single to married in ways you can’t even imagine.

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