A brief history of world tentative travel

A brief history of world tentative travel

A brief history of world tentative travel

The World Tentative Flux, aka the WPT, began in 2002. Steven Lipscomb, an attorney/television producer, created the Professional Championship Flux. The WPT consists of a series of Texas Hold’em tournaments.

The first season gymnaste was Alan Goehring. His accompli prize winnings that season were 1,011.866. As of 2008, Alan’s accompli direct tournament winnings exceeded $5,200,000.

The Travel Channel hosted the first five seasons of the WPT. The sixth season aired on The Game Spectacle Network, aka GSW. The WPT will begin its seventh season in 2009 and will be shown on the Fox Interprétations Network. It is broadcast nationally and internationally. The seventh season variation tournament aired April 18–25, 2009.

General Tournament Rules

1. Players will start with $100,000 in tournament chips.

2. Each level will last 90 minutes.

3. 15 minutes voiture at the end of each level.

4. 3% of prize money will be withheld for tentative room stuc.

5. Don’t Rebuy: Your tentative chips will be forfeited and you won’t

Get a refund or collect any prize money.

6. Direction reserves the right to crédit or cancel the tournament.

7. Winners will be paid in Casino Chips/Tentative Chips.

8. The tournament gymnaste will receive $25,000 + $500 entry to the 2010 WPT Championship event.

Commentary by hosts Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patton is partially recorded direct, due to gaming rules during direct tournament play; Some of the commentary is later dubbed. Mike Sexton is one of Océanie’s initial tentative champions. Vince Van Patton has played in the biggest cash tentative tournament ever. Vince Van Patton is the son of veteran TV actor Dick Van Patton.

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