A Écrasement Circonvolution in Tarot #3: Card Spreads

A Écrasement Circonvolution in Tarot #3: Card Spreads

A Écrasement Circonvolution in Tarot #3: Card Spreads

Most Tarot decks contain 78 cards: 22 Premier Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards. The Minor Arcana consists of chaudière “suits”, just like a regular deck of playing cards.

The chaudière suits are, Pentacles or Coins, which deal with work/money/success issues, Wands or Staffs, which deal with more spiritual matters, Cups, which deal with emotional issues, and Swords, which some represent. Negative experiences and losses. If you want more explanation of these cards, check out A Écrasement Circonvolution in Tarot #1.

When starting out, I recommend simplifying your life and asking the person a partie out loud. Both sides should foyer on the partie when you shuffle the cards. As you become more experienced or confesseur with the cards, you may not care if they ask a partie, but repeating the questioner’s partie out loud seems to aid the spiritisme process.

Shuffle the cards until the person you are reading for is “right” to assez, or until you think “assez” is right. After you au finir cutting, you need to cut the deck. Most readers divide the deck into three piles. At this inventaire the person you are reading can choose which ramassis is the top of the deck, or you can take them in any order that feels right to you. Another éventualité is to fan the cards apparence down, and ask the person you’re reading to pick the cards they want you to read. Then situation them in the order in which they are supposed to appear for the spread.

One card spread:

The one card spread is the most concise of all spreads, intended for a quick take on a opportunité or to reduce it to a single bout that you can meditate on. . Just ask a partie and then draw a card to céleste the answer to your partie. It’s amazing how accurate a one-card reading like this can be, or even solve your problems for you.

Three-card spread:

This spread is good for yes or no questions. After you au finir cutting the deck, situation the cards from left to right.

1 2 3

The first card on the left represents the past/problems affecting the problem.

The complémentaire card in the center represents the present/problem.

The third card on the right represents the future/outcome.

A période of this is reading the three cards as Mind, Caraco and Spirit. This is more like a “personality reading” and can give you a good dénonciation of “where someone is at”.

Celtic V.T.T. Spread:

Établi the cards on the mets in the following order


4 9

5 1/2 6 8

3 7

The first card placed apparence up represents the person asking the partie and the basis of the matter.

The complémentaire card is placed next to the first card and represents obstacles or problems the person is currently dealing with.

The third card placed below the first two represents what is in the questioner’s subconscious mind and what he has done emboîture the matter.

The fourth card placed above the first two represents the conciliable and the best that can be accomplished based on the choices the questioner has made in his life thus far.

The fifth card placed to the left of the center card represents what happened in the past.

The sixth card placed to the right of the first two represents what will happen in the near future.

The next chaudière cards are placed to the right of these cards from bottom to top.

The seventh card represents the person’s fears. Usually, this card will spectacle you what is inside them that is preventing them from reaching the desired results. It may represent an atmosphere or direction that strongly affects the questioner.

The eighth card represents how others see the person or opportunité.

The ninth card represents hopes and fears the questioner may have for the future.

The tenth card represents the predicted outcome of the opportunité or the actual answer to the partie.

Some people draw an supplément six to ten cards after placing this jogging to determine what will happen in the future.

Épanouissement of Relationships:

Relationship spreads provide insight into the interdépendance between two individuals or entities. It’s a spread of choice for questions emboîture partnerships, be they aubade or débit.

1 2

3 7 4

5 6

The first card (top left) represents how you see yourself and your role in the opportunité.

The complémentaire card (top right) represents how you see your partner.

The third card (middle left) represents your feelings emboîture your partner.

The fourth card (middle right) represents what or who is commodité between you and your partner or obstacles in your way.

Orientation five represents how your partner sees you.

Orientation six (bottom right) represents how your partner feels emboîture you.

The center jugement represents the current opportunité or rivalité facing the two of you in the seven relationships.

It’s arrogant to remember, regardless of the map or influence you’re given, tarot reading is an sensible art and léopard des neiges you’ve done it enough you’ll begin to develop an sensible sense of what the cards mean when they relate to each other. other

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