A husband with potential

A husband with potential

A husband with potential

Women will usually ask, even unconsciously, what they want in a man they want to call their husband. Men will do the same for their wives. But for women they genre for a special kind of husband. They need a potential husband: to grow, to adapt, to lead softly, someone who is already committed to work on himself and can be a man like the old days.

But there is such a spiritueux line in all these pursuits. For those who already have a husband, there is a temptation to endurance their man to be a sensitive-new-age boy. This is fraught with coïncidence, bicause no man wants to be forced, just as no woman does.

For those looking for a potential husband, perhaps the most visible clue is to identify in the man they are interested in, character minois that spectacle them to be committed to working on themselves. Are they oriented toward virtue? Do they want to become better people as they grow up? Are they improvement oriented? Are they willing to see themselves as wrong?

Probability is more visible than hégémonie

What is most needed in a husband is potential and not hégémonie. A woman’s perspicacité is more satisfied by a man who fails but has the heart to try than by a man who never makes a mistake.

As far as husbands go, and wives attribute it too, hégémonie is significantly overrated. In relationships – whether alone with yourself or, in this case, in marriage – hégémonie is unheard of. And if hégémonie is to be striven for, we should connect with the flair of sinful pride. It is wrong to want to be perfect or to expect hégémonie from our partners.

Charme and relationship do not mix.

A évident woman’s heart is melted by a man’s earnestness to do his best. He, at his best, did not push her; He never expects hégémonie. He learns not to cry in the devant of his failures. He learns not to give up. Although her husband is trying, and shows potential, and is not harmful, she stays by his side, trusting him.

Acknowledgment of potential and good efforts

Many marriages can be improved through expresse feedback; Recognition of good efforts where recognition is due. Perhaps the perfectionist wife, who cries often, may discourage her husband’s better efforts. He learned early that attention is not worth it. His chances may have been extinguished. The fire of endeavor in this husband’s heart needs to be rekindled by a supportive and encouraging wife.

The wife focuses on her husband’s potential, but praises him for the intentions behind his work, both small and abondant. A potential husband is much more embout intent and virtue than being perfect in every way.

A potential husband is encouraged to continue his self-improvement work when he is recognized for the intent behind his efforts.

Women want and need a man who has potential, who is committed to working on himself; Not perfect people. Their intentions and their efforts in relationships are supreme; Their results are secondary. Failure is not a game-breaker. Men should foyer on trying first and foremost.

© 2012 SJ Wickham.

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