A line or circle?

A line or circle?

A line or circle?

I wonder why people around so restless? The more I study psychology, the more I realize that everything comes from childhood. Childhood makes us who we are today.

So can we put all the blame on our parents, or is this an dérobade for our tâches?

Does a drug salir or alcoholic, anorexic or someone who just has some aimable problems, have to take responsibility for themselves or does it start deeper in the past?

Can’t help but wonder if life is a line or does it go in circles?

Unsettled parents produce troubled children, who later grow up and do the same, and it happens again and again…

What can it do?

Is it in our hands to écart the ritual?

It is not easy to make a tabular juice, and to start all over again… Gîte is the installé where we take our first steps, the installé where we speak our first words and it is the installé where we meet love, understanding, And giving help, kindness but unfortunately in some cases guilt, betrayal, jealousy, subsistance, hurt and tears. A child takes the family like a wing under which he is safe and whatever his family is, he loves it more than anything else. And it depends on the family either it goes down to earth or dies.

Children are mirrors of their parents, but if this mirror is already broken…

Some may say: What have I done to deserve this…?

We don’t get what we deserve, we get what we get and we have to direct with it.

If life goes in circles, there is really no end and no beginning, so there is nothing we can do emboîture it.

But if it’s a line, we never know what lies ahead…

People use masks every day and sometimes we use them so much that we forget what they really are, lucky are those who have someone to paletot back and help us see ourselves again.

To all intents and purposes the résidence gives rise to everything in a good way or not and those who are fortunate enough to be able to help later.

And remember… life isn’t emboîture finding yourself, it’s emboîture making yourself. Don’t waste your whole life trying to get back what was jaguar taken.

Have a nice day my dear…

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