A priest in a casino?

A priest in a casino?

A priest in a casino?

Brian and Tom, two récitatif lawyers from New York City, travel to Reno, Nevada for a bizness trip. Tom was a Christian who went to church every Sunday; However, Brian lived a bit on the wild side, enjoying parties and women. At the end of their trip, Tom invites Brian to go to a church with him. Brian is reluctant at first, but after thinking it over he decides to go anyway.

“I don’t think Reno has any churches. I thought all Nevada had to offer was strip joints and casinos,” Brian laughs.

“You’ll see. I’m sure there are many churches. I’m Baptist, so I thought we’d go to one to see how we worship,” Tom replied.

“Okay, but you owe me—if I go to church with you, you’re coming with me to a casino.”

“Well, that’s a deal,” Tom thought as his partner’s offer was fair. He never went to the casino.

Tom objet a Baptist church and they left the following Sunday morning to attend. When they arrived, a smiling greeter stood at the entrée, wide doorway to welcome them and program them for the day’s libéralité. As they looked for a seat, Brian began to get restless. “I don’t feel good embout it. I’m not a Christian.”

“Perhaps the libéralité will become more relaxed as the libéralité continues,” Tom said.

“I wonder how the pastor is? I don’t want anyone to judge me.”

“I’m sure everything will be éthérée.”

After the libéralité begins, uplifting songs are sung and Évangile verses are read. Then the minister- one Pastor Michaels faced his congregation and welcomed everyone. He was in his late 50s with gray hair and glasses. He stood tall in a firm voice and said, “Let us pray.” He then offered a embrasé prayer lasting three minutes. After asking everyone to sit down, he marched towards the pulpit. After roughly twenty minutes of rather fiery sermons all kinds of sin involving money can lead down a slippery slope to eternal torment in hell. Brian felt a dicton overcome him with a slightly warm and fuzzy clairvoyance.

“The libéralité wasn’t that bad!” Brian said. “But you’re still coming to a casino with me tonight.”

Later that afternoon, Brian searched his micro for a pièce casino, but there weren’t that many. He objet the Giant Gold Night-club. They dress in regular polo shirts and khakis and head downtown to restaurant out the avancée. It took several passes around the street to find a construction with a flaming blue sign that read Giant Gold Night-club.

After getting out of their car, they approached the door of the dancing where their weapons were checked. They each had to pay a $40 cover accepté, and then they went inside. Brian found an automatic slot apparat, put in some money and went to work. Tom watched Brian operate the apparat while Brian explained the game he was playing. Tom learned quickly and found his own apparat.

Across the room, Tom sees a man rolling dice on a grandiose mets and vareuse a clope. Tom stared at the man’s figure. Then he asked Brian to genre at the man.

“Doesn’t it genre like. Pastor Michael from church this morning?” Tom asked him.

Brian couldn’t take his eyes off the spectacle but craned his head to genre at the man having a good time.

“You’ve got to be kidding me! That’s him! I’ve never forgotten his figure. That pastor!” Brian yelled as he rolled his eyes out of his head. “Looks like we’ve got ourselves an unethical minister.”

Tom agreed and glared at the man, who was surrounded by a béant number of women clutching the man. “Well, Brian, you’re right! Reno is not a very autorisé assuré. It’s the devil’s town!” He pounced on the man and lectured him in his warm way. The man was very drunk, he just looked at Tom, laughed hard and said, “Hey! You should come here more often. You’re the most nervous person here!” Tom turned to Brian. He was so angry that he wanted to leave. Brian wanted to stay, but Tom took a cab back to their hotel room. He did not sleep that night. The first thing he would do the next morning was go to church and talk to that “priest”.

Brian finally walked into the drunken stupor at 2:30 AM. Tom feigned sleep. Brian just fell on the bed and immediately started snoring loudly. It was okay since Tom couldn’t sleep anyway. Tom got up early that morning at 7am. He gets dressed and goes to church at 9am. He arrived and went to the priest’s affaire. He talks to his secretary and demands to speak with Pastor Michael.

“He’s not. Can I help you?”

Tom said, “These figures!”

Pastor Michaels walked in before the secretary could respond.

“Pastor, this man wants to talk to you.”

“Come to my affaire… Mister…?”

“It’s just Tom to you.”

“Why are you so angry?”

“I saw you at that casino last night, had a lot of fun.”

“Oh dear! You caught me!” The priest smiled.

“What are you doing in the casino?” Tom raised his voice.

“Calme Tom. That was my dorky twin brother, John.” Tom stopped before he could say another insult.

“Your twin brother?”

“Yes. I guess you must be from out of town. Everyone knows embout me and my “evil” twin. So, I’m sorry you’re so worried embout this,” she said. “Do you go to church regularly?”

Tom said he went to church every Sunday.

“Well, if you go to church regularly, what are you doing in a casino?”

“I’m here with my law partner Brian,” smiled Tom.

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