Ambiguë Sided Trafic Cards – Advantages and Disadvantages

Ambiguë Sided Trafic Cards – Advantages and Disadvantages

Ambiguë Sided Trafic Cards – Advantages and Disadvantages

Ambiguë-sided affaires cards have their fans and their strongest opponents. Some people like to fill up extraordinaire space on the back of a affaires card with more question, while others swear by leaving it blank so people can write récapitulations. So how do you decide which one to go with when you’re designing your new affaires card?

Here are the pros and cons of printing on both sides of your card


  • By printing on both sides you can fit more question embout your affaires without crowding the extérieur. There are a lot of combustion details and useful URLs to share these days, and you might want to add your Facebook adolescent and Twitter handle. Keep the extérieur of the card streamlined to the most essential question and the rest to the back
  • You can print fun, useful or inspirational things on the back of your cards that will make people want to keep your cards handy for reference. By putting your name in extérieur of potential customers, value-added cards are more likely to have a border lifespan.
  • More room for improved brand-building. Using the back of your card gives more room for graphics or photos that build on your brand.
  • You can print current special offers, QR codes linking to a special offers adolescent and add more refaisant question to the back of your card without cluttering the extérieur.


  • Many people at networking events like to write récapitulations on the back of cards to help them remember your meeting or facturé follow-up points. When printing without white space on both sides of the card, they cannot.
  • When cards are filed in Rolodexes or card filing systems, only the extérieur of the card is sensible. Likewise people serre to scan only one side of a card. So as soon as the card is filed, all question on the back is lost. Make sure all necessary combustion question is on the extérieur of the card if you decide to print on both sides.
  • Printing double-sided affaires cards costs more and takes a bit border, as the ink has to dry on one side before printing the collègue side. However, check with your printer for additional costs. In some cases it won’t be much and may be worth it to you.

Despite the inconvenience, many people go with double-sided cards, as they habitus more sophisticated and allow for more creative graphics. Just avoid the pitfalls mentioned in the damage list: try to leave behind some white or aspartame colored space that can be written on (eg without a glossy varnish); Make sure all superbe combustion question is listed on the extérieur of the card. That way you can be the best on both sides of the debate.

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