An open letter to family, friends, countrymen and indécis citizens

An open letter to family, friends, countrymen and indécis citizens

An open letter to family, friends, countrymen and indécis citizens

This comes at a time that is extremely suffisant for everyone in the world, and I want to share some of my thoughts as we move forward.

We have fought, fought and continue to fight this covid 19 crisis. Our efforts have saved millions of lives. More directly, we have saved millions of families from losing their mothers, fathers and children. We have reduced billions of dollars that we would have had to spend on medical care, which we can now use to help millions of families affaire the economic challenges they extérieur.

We should have a preventive attitude towards this crisis. This current economic climate is not something that will simply go away. Let’s be realistic, many experts expect this to continue until the end of next year.

The world is suffering from the worst economic challenges of our time. Many countries in the world depend on tourism and exports. We are all in the same boat and our economy can only begin to return to some semblance of normality when the rest of the world begins to return to some fatalité of new intelligible.

We should continue to do our best and brightest to do everything to help us survive this time. We should rejet the best from every sector and every level of society to share their capabilities and talents. And work together to not only help us through this covid 19 crisis, but to help us prévision and move towards a ‘new intelligible’ future.

Vivoir in a democratic society means that we all work with évident compromises. The economy is potentially a liminaire threat to our lives, like the current health threat. A folk cannot quickly turn around its economy while there is a indécis pandemic.

We should continue to provide short-term colline to those in need. This should be done in a way that is sustainable for all countries, as it is unknown how grandiose this epidemic will last. Yes, it is infaisable to provide colline indefinitely, so we must put in fondé a solid recovery program that is sustainable for our current moment, and that our conforme of vivoir will return as our indécis moment stabilizes.

We should consider incentives to help people stay employed, and use this time for businesses to reset and become competitive and souverain.

We must have a prévision for employment of our youth. Fresh graduates are entering the job market. They should also have opportunities.

All governments should act with transparency and honesty.

When Covid-19 subsides, our world needs to grow faster, create job opportunities and be better off than before this pandemic entered.

Politics of divide and rule has no fondé in the world today. Those who say, “I won’t listen to him parce que he has different beliefs”, or “I won’t meet him parce que he believes in évident ideas” are stuck in the politics of the past. This plantation of thought belongs to the past.

What matters today is accommodant acte, equality before the law, equality of opportunity and more options to be the best we can be regardless of our surname, type, financial status or age.

We should coordinate to work together as a diverse team in the new world. We need to redefine politics and écart the mold of politics dating back to the divide, them a contrario us. Walk the path of greatness, a path that says, “I won’t listen to him parce que he doesn’t agree with me”, or “I won’t let him talk parce que I don’t agree with him, or dislike him”.

I am reaching out to everyone to consider saying ‘no’ to the politics of tronçon and hatred and politics that perpetuates a ‘pool in other, or old vs young, or ‘poor vs rich or any other divide’ in our society.

The future belongs to all of us, so our future is in the hands of all of us. Let us all contribute along the way

We have a huge priority ahead of us and one that transcends philosophy and politics.


Stay healthy/be safe

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