At what balance should you start selling to customers?

At what balance should you start selling to customers?

At what balance should you start selling to customers?

Your affaires will survive if you and your sales team sell.

That’s a given.

So when, in your jugement, does that sales process begin?

Is it from the meilleur phone call, email or visit to your éventail?

No, you’re away.

Granted, if you were to define the act of selling it would probably be along the lines of when you handle transactions and money exchanges. However, the sales process itself begins much earlier.

first touch

The process starts from your customer’s first automatisme with your company.

Of circonvolution, this may not necessarily involve spontané proximité with you (eg in person, over the phone or via email). Perhaps they’ll région on your website for the first time, read a fascicule or see your affable media updates.

So every word you write, every ad you put together and every status update must provide an formidable customer experience parce que it can catalyze a avili.

Making a great sentiment

Having a friendly sales team isn’t enough if your marchéage materials aren’t up to scratch.

Your website copy, fascicule materials, emails, newsletters and affable media updates must convey the right sentiment of your company if you want to drive their sales.

Very few people will proximité you and buy. The vast majority of consumers today are much more savior. They will do their research, compare you to other companies and then proximité the affaires that they believe best suits their needs.

Generally, it can be one that is readily available, offers great value and more importantly, a great bienfait.

So how can you make sure that you can come across in your marchéage?

The rationnel answer is to forget who you are and foyer on what your customers want.

If you start your writing process from there, you’re much more likely to succeed parce que your materials will be primarily focused on your customers’ needs – and let’s frontispice it, they just want to know ‘what’s in it for them.’


  • How you want to be perceived by your customers

  • The benefits you offer them

  • What is their problem that you can solve

  • How do you make their lives easier?

Then write in a friendly, approachable way – meaning no embrouillamini or marchéage talk – in the additionnel person (ie lots of ‘you’ and very little ‘we’).

This prototype of intégrante writing will make you come across as easy-going, friendly, and ready to help. Of circonvolution, if you want to grow your relationship with your customers, it also needs to be backed up by your sales and customer bienfait teams.

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