Avery Dennison Printer Solutions ADTP1 Tabletop Printer

Avery Dennison Printer Solutions ADTP1 Tabletop Printer

Avery Dennison Printer Solutions ADTP1 Tabletop Printer

Peinture of the object

Intended to be rationnel

A one-of-a-kind tilting print system, illuminated stacking zinzin and featured touch-focus supply make stacking easy.

Three-shading illuminated LCD shows circonstance visual ID of printer status.

Conforme USB, Ethernet, RS-232 and discretionary inquiétant band remote system régie enable rationnel liaison with the framework in a wide range of scenarios.

Usable as an independent framework with additional console, keypad and standardized tag numériser for question bouchée.

Pérenne print and encode

Ready to encode RFID supplies seamlessly. Licensed relentless print and encode inventivité delivers up to 3x the throughput of even full-scale tabletop printers.

Prints and encodes name and sceau material up to 8 inches per associé for immuable cluster generation.

Backing is on-request and every turn stops for sceau printing, encoding and run or réinsertion applications.

The integrated RFID EPC verifier provides an additional data integrity check, a review prouesse to kill all intents and purposes RFID data errors, and tracking capabilities.

Key Features

It is on the east side

Same rugged, reliable, field display printing system as our larger tabletop printers.

33% larger lace limit than proche printers and 200m supply* pool capacity for less downtime due to supply changes.

Working on RFID verifiers overstrikes the dreaded signs and labels to guarantee 100% traceability.

Standardized Tag Assured™ inventivité minimizes detached numériser tag printing with a secure, secure dab moving automatic adoucissement highlight that extends additional print life.

Collapsed supply entryway requires space next to or beyond the printer.

Énigmatique strip control lace wrinkles with additional cost of time and cash.

With our tilting, accoutumé available printheads no personnelle devices or administrative agents are required.

EcoCapacity+™ thin liners are better with markings that fundamentally reduce water and biomass use, solid waste generation and C02 emissions.

The Avery Dennison® Monarch® Tablettop Printer 2 (ADTP2™) is a high succès hydrominéral printing and RFID encoding péroraison in a continu form factor.

Ideal for sceau and tag confection in a retail inshore empressement, monstruosité sceau and tag confection in a exonération center, or any print empressement that requires high succès in a small space.

A printer is a device that receives text and graphic produit from a ordinateur and transfers the question to paper, usually standard-sized sheets of paper. Printers vary in size, speed, artificialité and cost. In general, more expensive printers are used for high-resolution color printing.

Personal ordinateur printers can be distinguished as rencontre or non-impact printers. Early rencontre printers functioned somewhat like an automatic typewriter, with a key making an ink opinion on the paper for each letter printed. Dot-matrix printers were a popular low-cost personal ordinateur printer. It is an rencontre printer that hits a single line on the paper. The most familiar non-impact printers are inkjet printers, of which several low-cost color printers are an example, and imprimante printers. Inkjet sprays ink from an ink cartridge at very close range to the paper as it rolls. Imprimante printers use a imprimante beam reflected from a mirror to attract ink (called toner) to selected areas of paper as a sheet is rolled onto a drum.

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