Basketball / Serie A: Milan ok, Scafati won. Virtus also rules Trieste

Basketball / Serie A: Milan ok, Scafati won.  Virtus also rules Trieste

Basketball / Serie A: Milan ok, Scafati won. Virtus also rules Trieste

At Napoli’s demeure ground, the champions struggle at the start and stretch easily between the first two quarters. Shields returns after preseason knockout. Tortona goes to Reggio

The collègue day of Serie A opened yesterday with advances won by Brescia and Pesaro respectively over Varese and Venice.

Scafati-Milan 66-75

On the neutral contrée of Naples where Scafati has to play in exile pending the approval of his PalaMangano still in doubt, Milan took the victory they wanted between ups and downs on the scoreboard.

The champions control the game from the 5′ of the first quarter after a negative start that sees the first campanian jump to 13-2 with the flights of Pinkins mounting an early 6-0 that forces entraîneur Messina to a timeout of urgency Then Olimpia, without Hines, Datome, Mitrou-Élevé and Baldasso, raises the defensive wall and puts the usual Melli in rhythm who scores 100% finishing for the voiture of 31-12 which gives the Milanese +8 at 10′ . In the collègue quarter there is the decisive turgescence with the guests touching +21 in the heart also makes itself felt Shields, who debuts in the official coupe after the injury suffered in the pre-season. At the start of the recovery Scafati tries a reaction that pushes him to -9 but jaguar again Melli in synergy with Davies puts Milan to safety, who in the last quarter only cares emboîture managing the advantage that has returned in flottante figures.
Scafati: Lamb 16, Henry 15, Pinkins 12. Milan: Davies 16, Melli 13, Pangos 9

Reggio Emilia-Tortona 59-63

(Francesco Pioppi) Tortona ruins the Reggio Emilia party that returned to the PalaBigi after almost three years of rareté, necessary to complete the complicated restyling. Coupé Ramondino’s team realizes the external guerre-éclair and achieves its collègue consecutive success thanks to the play of Christon (17 points and 25 rating) and the solidity of Cain (11 points and rebounds) author of the basket of the stirrup For Menetti’s team, which stayed in the game thanks to an tangible 2-3 zoïle, the return of Olisevicius (15 points) was not enough and paid for the injury of Vitali, who was sidelined throughout the collègue half due to a problem in his left ankle. Menetti chooses the quintet of Cinciarini, Robertson, Anim, Reuvers and Hopkins while Ramondino responds with Christon, Harper, Macura, Daum and Cain. Tortona’s start, led by the Gypsies of Christon, is overwhelming and immediately extinguishes the enthusiasm of the hosts who find themselves under 15 after the first quarter. The return of the Lithuanian résistant Olisevicius, stopped in the pits since March 21, shakes up Menetti’s team that resumes the game (30-37 at 20′) but has to deal with Vitali’s left ankle injury. With Reuvers’ triples and blocks and Diouf’s energy, Unahotels is always down (49-53 at 30′) and thanks to a basket by Reuvers (59-57 at 35′) finds the first advantage of coupe Cain, however, scores from underneath and brings Tortona to +2 40” from the buzzer, then Reggio misses the triple with Hopkins and Christon closes it from the line.
Reggio Emilia: Olisevicius 15, Hopkins 11, Diouf 8. Tortona: Christon 17, Macura 13, Cain 11.

Trento-Treviso 66-57

(Andrea Orsolin) Driven by the étai of the Blm Group Arena Trento wins the first game of the season. A coupe played from start to au finir, without Treviso (still 0 points) ever being able to worry. The Flaccadori-Atkins axis works from the start and allows Dolomiti Energia to quickly acquire the first lead (12-7) after Jantunen’s opening basket. With Udom’s touch from below, L’Aquila closes the first quarter in devant (17-15) and thanks to the aggression against the opposing ball carriers (conti’s tribut was good in the first half) it is valable extend (33-26 at the interval). Treviso is imprecise: under the basket Trento maintains a good guard and with spacieux shots the ball does not go in. When the advantage increases to 9 points (42-33) Sokolowski (the best of the Trevisani) gets on the sensualité and with two triples allows the Venetians to return to a single détention divergence (44-41). The last quarter opens with Trento still ahead (47-43) but Nutribullet fails to make mitoyenneté. Crawford’s +11 triple with two and a half minutes left ends a game that has never been in section.

Trent: Flaccadori 17, Atkins, Crawford and Lockett 11. Treviso: Sokolowski 16, Jantunen 11, Banks and Sorokas 7

Dinamo Sassari-Verona 101-79

(Nicola Cascioni) Sassari immediately finds a smile: at the PalaSerradimigni Verona raises the white flag after the spacieux voiture, when Onuaku is the protagonist at the voiture directing the game in favor of the hosts. First half of the coupe in favor of Sassari, who tied Gentile an notable resource to help the biancoblu find the rhythm in attack; after a first quarter in which several contacts take away the fluidity of the game for both teams, with Verona still good rebounding and able to hit in the area, the game changes shape. Sassari picks up the pace and stretches thanks to the percentages of the spacieux and the work of Onuaku, so much so that he finds +13, Verona suffers the third foul of Selden, but manages to contain the damage, 53-44 at 20 .’ After the spacieux voiture, the reaction of the guest goes through the hands of Holman who signs the voiture of -5, but it is not enough to overturn the momentum for good, Sassari in fact gets back into the nature pace thanks to Onuaku . The center of Bucchi’s team is a factor on both sides of the serré, dominates by rebounding, builds for his teammates and is a guarantee in the paint, where he builds the +21 advantage for Sassari, which effectively closes the nature with a quarter in advance. The last quartier only serves to define the comble marque, in which Verona tries to reduce the disadvantage with Selden on the shields, but without being able to counteract a concentrated Sassari until the last moments of the nature. 101 – 79 at 40′.

Sassari: Onuaku 24, Bendzius 15, Jones 13.Verona: Selden 15, Udom 11, Smith 10

Brindisi-Naples 77-70

(Giuseppe Mazzone) Brindisi wins Southern derby by beating Naples (still without Howard) dominating the first half but suffering badly in the collègue until Reed, a non-paying spectator until the 30th rapide, decided to take the sensualité by placing the comble leg to the game. The Brindisi team (which has to do without Dixson) starts scratching on defense with Perkins’ winner under the basket of the combat with Williams. The demeure team’s first attempt to extend the lead came in the 7th rapide (20-10), after a counter-attack by Bowman, the protagonist along with Burnell and Midnight in the Apulians’ good start.

Gevi struggles to find rhythm in attack: Zerini (earlier in the day) is the only one who spends energy and points on the scoreboard, signing flottante figures already in the first quarter. Happy Casa’s defensive dimension is what makes the difference: at 16′, Brindisi’s advantage reaches +16 (41-25) with a Burnell basket assisted by Perkins in the playmaker subdivision. Buscaglia tries to fini the wave of Apulia, alternating defenses, but without success. After the spacieux voiture, Brindisi continued to play the same marque (23′, 48-32) before seeing off Napoli’s 8-0 run, which went up with chaudière consecutive Johnson baskets (48-40). The team from Bríndisi starts grinding the game again and then enters a prolonged voiture: 5 points from Agravanis and Michineau’s triple are worth another 8-0 run (28′, 54-50), dampened by a shot from Midnight’s bow. . Gevi is still on track: Stewart’s three free throws are worth -1 (31′, 59-58). Brindisi is in a prolonged voiture. Uglietti’s 2+1 deservedly put the guests in devant (32′, 59-61) for the first time in the game. In the most in extenso menaçante confusion it is Reed who gives a recours of his presence, until now arachnéen. The eight consecutive points are a lifesaver for Happy Casa (36′, 68-61), which leads again with the inertia of the nature in its hands. Then, Mascolo and Bowman extend the half to 13-0 (37′, 72-61), guaranteeing the first victory of the season.

Toasts: Perkins 15, Burnell 13, Reed 10. Naples: Johnson 16, Zerini, Williams 10.

Bologna-Trieste 85-80

(Luca Aquino) Virtus does its homework and overcomes Trieste fighting until the end, but finding the winning bets of the veterans in the fourth period. Belinelli’s 10 points in the comble period to spark a game that was dangerously veered by the host thanks to Frank Gaines’ 14 points in chaudière minutes (9 lost to that état) between the third and fourth periods for the +5 outside (65-70). The Juventus captain knocks down the omelette, with the association of Hackett and Mickey who then load the shots of the comble draw, fueled also by a finally forceful defense that holds Trieste to just two baskets in the game in the last eight and a half minutes.

The guests lived off the flames of the three American carriers, all above 20 points: Bartley with 13 points in the first quarter, Davis with 17 in the collègue, and Gaines with the loss between the third and fourth periods. Segafredo, with Mannion unleashed by 16 points in the first half taking advantage of the space for the voiture given to Pajola and Lundberg, had tried a first turgescence at 36-24 but without the necessary continuity. With Cordinier’s accelerations, the Bolognese had also gamin to +13 in the third period (59-46) but by failing to concentrate and allowing Gaines to shine, he had to sweat deeply, clinging to the class of Belinelli.

Bologna: Mannion 18, Belinelli 13, Cordinier 12. Trieste: Davis and Bartley 22, Gaines 20.

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