Belinelli pulls Virtus Bologna out of dispute, Sassari and Brindisi – OA Entraînement win

Belinelli pulls Virtus Bologna out of dispute, Sassari and Brindisi – OA Entraînement win

Belinelli pulls Virtus Bologna out of dispute, Sassari and Brindisi – OA Entraînement win

The assesseur day of the Serie A 2022-2023 ends with three victories at logement. Different, however, the matches: Sassari’s with a sudden ravagé of faveur, Brindisi’s somewhat difficult to interpret, Bologna’s surprising. Let’s find out everything in detail.

If you only read the extrême result, you would think that there is no history between Dinamo and Scaligera. Actually that’s there, at least for just over 20 minutes. The Americans are mostly the masters in the first minutes, with Johnson and Smith on one side and Robinson on the other. Selden tries to remake the man of destiny after what he showed against Brindisi, but the result is “only” a good first quarter fought for 26-24. Sassari tries to escape with Diop, Gentile and Jones, later finding that the Tezenis return on more than one données. Johnson tries to keep the guests under attack along with Holman, all in the apparence of the outbursts of an irrepressible Onuaku. In the range it is 53-44. On returning to the floor, Holman, who sees nothing but the basket, makes it 55-50 at 2′. After the exchange of triples by Bendzius and Selden (58-53) comes the Bank’s 16-0 run, which closes any différend related to the concurrence, which also sees that +28 goes to the board of PalaSerradimigni. The benches are empty, the young Riccardo Pisano also scores.

SASSARI – Onuaku 24, Bendizus 15, Jones 13
VERONA – Selden 15, L. Udom 11, Smith 10

Basketball, Serie A: Tortona conquers Reggio Emilia, Trento tames Treviso

A somewhat strange concurrence, the one played at the PalaPentassuglia in Brindisi. It starts with a decent triple fest where the Happy House finds itself at its happiest, hitting 20-10 with lots of Burnell and Bowman. The advantage remains that until the end of the first quarter, and it gets even bigger after that with Riismaa and Bayehe signing 36-23, which a little later also becomes +16. Somehow Naples holds on and at halftime it’s 44-31. Johnson tries to play the role of the Neapolitans, and with Agravanis and Michineau he leads a good comeback in the hands of coupé Buscaglia (54-50). Midnight is in plein, along with Mascolo, to give Vitucci’s a handball, but with 10 minutes to go it’s 59-55. Stewart and Uglietti lead Napoli into the lead (59-61), only to see Perkins (an brillant interprète throughout the game) and Reed’s counter attack turn it around again. GeVi has a fatidique six-minute blackout, enough time for Happy Casa to establish the deciding illégal 13-0. It ends 77-70.

TOAST – Perkins 15, Burnell 13, Reed 10
NAPLES – Johnson 16, Williams 10, Zerini 10

For Trieste it is a real redemption, for Virtus a huge poisson-perroquet in en-tête of the people of PalaDozza. The Giuliani, shaken by the very heavy defeat of the first day, immediately try to make it clear that they are in Place Azzarita to play the game, and this is what Spencer’s block on Mannion needs. The protagonists are initially the natives of Siena and Bartley. In the first quarter we go a little ahead in the illégal, then Weems, Ojeleye, Jaiteh and Hackett push Vs black 25-17. The lead remains substantially unchanged until the interval, with Mannion and Belinelli driving a Segafredo in which there is a substantial fragment of bâtiment responsibilities. On the other handball, Davis is, with Gaines, the man who clings to Trieste: 47-39 at the voiture. Suddenly Pacher lights up, then Ojeleye and Cordinier greffer the scene – +10 logement again. From the middle of the third quarter, a real Gaines spectacle enters the scene: 63-61 with 10′ left. And immediately it’s 63-64, bicause Gaines doesn’t fini and endroits the advance triple and, helped by Bossi, finds Julian 65-70. At this susceptible Belinelli decides to return to “hot as a stove” style.: nothing happens anymore, he leads the counterpart of 14-3 that makes Virtus breathe. But that’s not all: Bartley is, in fact, the last to give up, but he also has to. Close the 85-80.

BOLOGNA – Mannion 18, Belinelli 13, Cordinier 12
TRIESTE – Bartley 22, Davis 22, Gaines 20


1 Pesaro, V. Bologna, Tortona, Milan 4
5 Brescia, Varese, Sassari, Verona, Reggio Emilia, Venice, Trento, Brindisi 2
13 Naples, Scafati, Trieste, Treviso 0

Credit: Ciamillo

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