Bonacquisti a la sirena, it is the same as Pirina

Bonacquisti a la sirena, it is the same as Pirina

Bonacquisti a la sirena, it is the same as Pirina

Return to “Biagio Pirina” to attempt to resume your raceArzachena by Marco Nappi. After the defeat away from house in opposition to Pomezia, the emeralds meet Tivoli on the street, a crew coming from a 0-0 draw in opposition to Vis Artena.

edited by La Redazione

the chronicle of the race


Within the 93′ nook taken by Luca Manca, Massimiliano Manca’s facet for Bonacquisti who beats Discovered for the emerald draw.


92′ – 🟨Do it in Piga, yellow card for Provinzano

91′ ARZACHENA OPPORTUNITY! Scrum within the Lazio field, Bonu fails to complete close to the road after a contact from Bonacquisti.

90′ – ⏱️5 minutes of restoration

90′ – 🔄 Tivoli change: out of Granado for Valentini, one other defender within the area

88′ – Free kick from Luca Manca, Bonu enters however shoots too weakly in direction of the purpose: simple paragraph.

87′ – Arzachena all ahead, however evidently lackluster assault because of fatigue.

85′ – Free kick overwhelmed by Capodaglio: simple for Ruzittu

84′ Vibrant match with many exhausting interventions: Mastropietro nonetheless harmful, ball on the crossbar.

Within the 82nd minute, the penalty given by Nappi (warned for protests on the event) results in Tivoli’s purpose: Mastropietro mocks the native defence, scores and takes off his shirt, receiving a yellow card.


From different fields: Sorrento-Pomezia 1-0 (51′ Gaetani)

81′ – 🟨Yellow for protests additionally by Mr. Nappi of Arzachena.

80′ – 🔄I can not do it, as an alternative Rutigliano.

79′ – Arzachena’s restart motion was not accomplished because of Loi’s bodily drawback

79′ – 🔄Change Tivoli: to Provinzano for Tarantino

77′ – On the subsequent nook, Sfanò shoots.

76′ – Ruzittu! Good save by the goalkeeper in Mastropietro’s restart with the emerald protection just a little shocked as a result of the participant was maybe offside.

76′ – Turbulent state of affairs within the Arzachena space, Tivoli asks for a penalty however Rinaldi lets it proceed for the referee.

75′ – 🟨 Discover for visitor coach Colantoni.

74′CROSSING ARZACHENA! One other nook taken by Loi, Sosa stands out and hits the highest submit of the purpose defended by Discovered.

73′ – Loi is turning into an increasing number of of a thorn within the facet of Tívoli’s defence, one other nook received by the locals.

72′ – Now Arzachena is pushing once more seeking an advance: 9 corners received by the locals.

At 70′ a nook taken by Loi that finds Manca in the midst of the realm for the tie: two classifieds determine the race to date which is now tied once more.


68′ – The tempo on the pitch is rising: Loi has given Arzachena extra liveliness, now the primary nook for the locals arrives.

67′ – Arzachena pushes, however Tivoli holds the sphere properly for the second: they continue to be 0-1

From different fields: Angri-Costa de Sardinia Oriental 2-1 [11′ Manzo (A), 53′ Rosa (A), 81′ Mancosu (COS)] |

65′ – 🔄Cambio Tivoli: out Vagnoli and in Vecchi

From the opposite fields: Palmese-Nola 1-1 [20′ Mautone (P), 44′ D’Orsi (N)]

62′ – Double nice likelihood for Arzachena: Manca cannot discover the precise time to complete within the web, then Poli (who took over from Melis) pits for Loi who has simply come off.

60′ – 🔄Cambio Tivoli: outdoors Pompeii inside De Fato. Nothing modifications on the tactical stage

From the opposite fields: Aprilia-Ilvamaddalena 0-1 (44′ Ansini)

58′ – 🔄Change for Arzachena: Massimiliano Manca as an alternative of Nino Pinna.

57′ – Nothing achieved within the earlier bend: Arzachena who continues to run the race on the lookout for extra verticality.

55′ – One other nook for Tivoli, as Massimiliano Manca prepares to go in

Within the nook overwhelmed by Capodaglio Lisari with a header the quickest within the combat to place the ball within the web, Pirina’s match is unlocked.

54′ – ⚽TIVOLI GOAL! Lisa!

53′ – Alternative from Tivoli! Bonu heads an extended ball, Spila pounces on the ball and flicks it huge.

From the opposite fields: Portici-Paganese 1-1 [9′ D’Agostino (PA), 34′ Diop (PO)]

51′ – Change for Mr. Nappi: out of Bolo, to Loi. 🔄

49′ – There’s nonetheless no event on the sphere worthy of be aware, in the meantime the 2 technicians ship some parts of the benches to heat up: a change might shock a sport that has to date given few alternatives.

46′ – Begin of restoration that appears to renew from how the primary half had stopped: many confrontations and depth on the sphere of play.


15.32 – The groups now return to the sphere for the second half

Partial spherical G
Sardinian coast Angri-Oriental 2-0 (11 ‘Beef, 53’ Rose) | begin at 14:00
Arzachena-Tivoli | begin at 2:30 p.m
Atletico Uri – Casino 1-2 [12′ Tribelli (C), 15′ Brizzi (AU), 28′ Ingretolli (C)] | start at 2:30 p.m
Aprilia-Ilvamaddalena 0-0
Casertana-Lupa Frascati 0-1 (20′ Frosali)
Palmese-Nola 1-0 (20′ Mautone)
Portici-Paganese 0-1
Sorrento-Pomezia 0-0
Vis Artena-Actual Monterotondo 0-0

From different fields: Casertana-Lupa Frascati 0-1 (20′ Frosali)

From different fields: Angri-Eastern Sardinian Coast 2-0 (11 ‘Beef, 53’ Rosa)


40′ – Good restart within the left sector of Arzachena, however as soon as once more the groups are usually not harm within the final 20 meters.

37′ – Nothing achieved on the free kick, Bolo takes the barrier

37′ – Free kick from invited place for Arzachena from 25 meters: it goes to the Bolo ball

36′ – Section of the match characterised by a number of setbacks up entrance with some inaccuracies on either side with substantial stagnation in midfield play

From different fields: Atletico Uri – Casino 1-2 [12′ Tribelli (C), 15′ Brizzi (AU), 28′ Ingretolli (C)]

32′ – Pirina’s match doesn’t take off: the argument of the match doesn’t change with Arzachena who all the time tries to play the match.

27′ – 🟨First yellow of the match for Sfanò who knocks out Bolo.

24′ – 🔄 Tivoli change: one other substitution because of harm within the match. Exterior Falilo, inside Spila.

19′ – Groups that proceed to face one another with out discovering a approach out: a really masculine sport, additionally favored by the referee’s English refereeing. Intense match at Pirina, however only a few alternatives.

From different fields: Atletico Uri – Casino 1-1 [12′ Tribelli (C), 15′ Brizzi (AU)] |

15′ – 🔄 Nappi compelled to make the primary change: outdoors Marinari, inside Bonu

14′ – Mixture on the left between Sfanò and Pompeia that closes in a nook that doesn’t result in explicit information, sweeps away the native protection.

11′ – Little to say in regards to the pitch: the sport is generally performed in midfield and the sport stays a bit fragmented. Arzachena tries to make the match and Tivoli tries to do badly on the counterattack, even when the possession of the ball is sort of balanced.

5′ – Balanced first couple of minutes: first ring of the match signed by Pinna which, served by Manca, finally ends up deflected.


14.25 – Groups which are about to enter the sphere below the orders of Mr. Rinaldi of Novi Ligure

From different fields: Sardinian coast Angri-oriental 1-0 (11′ of beef)

14.06 – Groups on the pitch within the closing minutes of the warm-up: hosts coming off the Pomezia defeat however getting captain Bonacquisti again. Tivoli who drew goalless in opposition to Vis Artena within the final spherical.

7TH ROUND OF GROUP G (3:00 p.m.)
Angri-Costa de Sardinia Oriental 2-1 [11′ Manzo (A), 53′ Rosa (A), 81′ Mancosu (COS)] | begin at 14:00
Arzachena-Tivoli 2-2 [54′ Lisari (T), 70′ M.Manca (A), 82′ Mastropietro (T), 93′ Bonacquisti (A)] | begin at 2:30 p.m
Atletico Uri – Casino 1-2 [12′ Tribelli (C), 15′ Brizzi (AU), 28′ INgretolli (C)] | start at 2:30 p.m
Aprilia-Ilvamaddalena 0-1 (40′ Ansini)
Casertana-Lupa Frascati 0-1 (20′ Frosali)
Palmese-Nola 1-1 [20′ Mautone (P), 44′ D’Orsi (N)]
Portici-Paganese 1-1 [9′ D’Agostino (PA), 34′ Diop (PO)]
Sorrento-Pomezia 1-0 (51′ Gaetani)
Vis Artena-Actual Monterotondo 0-0


Arzachena: Ruzittu, Piga, Marinari, Sosa, Dicorato, L.Manca, Bonacquisti, Melis, Pinna, Bolo, Sartor. Out there: Fusco, Bonu, Loi, Doratiotto, Rutigliano, M. Manca, Poli, Ferraro, Bellotti. all. button

Tivoli: Discovered, Pompeia, Lisari, Capodaglio, Granado, Mastropietro, Sfanò, Pellegrini, Tarantino, Vagnoni, Falilo, Simeoni. obtainable: Simeoni, Valentini, Spila, Laurenti, Coly, De Fato, Vecchi, Perrotta, Provinzano. all. tights

Referee: Rinaldi of Novi Ligure

13.30 – Good afternoon mates of Centotrentuno and welcome to the historical past of the match between Arzachena and Tivoli, match legitimate for the seventh day of Group B of Serie D.


Ruzittu, Piga, Marinari (15′ Bonu), Sosa, Dicorato, L.Manca, Bonacquisti, Melis (56′ Poli), Pinna (59′ M. Manca), Bolo (51′ Loi, 81′ Rutigliano), Sartor

Discovered, Pompeia (60 ‘De Fato), Lisari, Capodaglio, Granado (90’ Valentini), Mastropietro, Sfanò, Pellegrini, Tarantino (79 ‘Provinzano), Vagnoni> (64’ Vecchi), Falilo (24 ‘Spila), Simeoni

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