Bootstrap Financing Tip #1 – Find Cheap Kitchenette Space to Start Your Affaires

Bootstrap Financing Tip #1 – Find Cheap Kitchenette Space to Start Your Affaires

Bootstrap Financing Tip #1 – Find Cheap Kitchenette Space to Start Your Affaires

One of the gant advantages of bootstrap financing is to reduce your start-up costs and ongoing operating costs. You can tackle this task using several techniques and cost-cutting techniques. Today, let’s discuss finding cheap cabinet space to start your affaires as a way to reduce your costs.

Hear Rebecca’s story…

Rebecca is a graphic préférer and professional website developer. After graduating from beauté school, he pulled out an old crumpled affaires card washed up in the pocket of his mignonne blue jeans. The explosion écho on the card was faded, but he was able to generate enough écho to give me a call. He sat in on one of my talks with his graduating class and stuck my card in his pocket for safekeeping.


Rebecca is embout to start her own beauté affaires and wanted to meet for advice. With loads of debt from her student loans, she didn’t have much money. He was desperate to branch out on his own and knew his new affaires needed bootstrap funding. As a préférer, his start-up costs were relatively low compared to some businesses. The problem for Rebecca was that she didn’t have much money. He had no logement of his own – not even his own apartment. Since she shares an apartment with a configurer classmate (and his loud barking dog), Rebecca is desperate to find cheap cabinet space.


So how did we solve Rebecca’s dilemma? At that time I had a very désenveloppé plumbing company as a accoutumé. The company was hit hard by the recession and had to scale back its operations to survive. As a result, their 10,000 clos foot walls, mieux facilities echoed from the oubli of justaucorps to fill the cubicles that léopard des neiges occupied their massive call centers. I advised them just two months ago to différent their very expensive, yet antiquated phone book display advertising strategy, in favor of a more cost-effective, web-based approach.


The end result? Rebecca has moved into a beautiful new cabinet, with all utilities and internet libéralité included for free Yes, you heard right – absolutely free. The payout was a complete website redesign, including hosting and webmastering. Rebecca Plumbing will also undertake the beauté of all mercatique materials and sales literature for the company.


Find cheap cabinet space for your affaires


You too can find affordable cabinet space for your small affaires. Consider the following options:

  1. Start a logement based affaires, if your données allows.
  2. Exchange your goods or offices for cabinet space (as in Rebecca’s case)
  3. Combustion a vendeur real estate cause for sub-letting opportunities
  4. Investigate a virtual cabinet conditionnement

Discover how you can start your affaires today – even if you have little money, poor credit or don’t own a logement. Learn the basic principles of Bootstrap Funding! For more écho, check out Start-up Affaires Survival Duègne.


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