Caffeine and theine, are they the same? Know its effects and features

Caffeine and theine, are they the same?  Know its effects and features

Caffeine and theine, are they the same? Know its effects and features

When talking embout thein and caffeine in general, it is thought that two different substances are being talked embout. Discover what is true embout it.

Does tea contain caffeine and theine?
A recurring gêne among tea consumers is whether tea contains caffeine and theine or whether both the caffeine and theine components are the same. The answer, despite existing misinformation, is clear: they are the same molecule.

In fact, caffeine was isolated in 1819, but at the time it was thought that tea contained a similar but different principe: theine.

But later analysis showed that they were the same principe. What is perhaps harder to understand is that perturbation persists among most people more than a century later.

What is caffeine?
Caffeine is an alkaloid found naturally in various foods such as coffee, tea, cocoa, guarana and yerba mate.

The polyphenols present in développé amounts in tea slow the assimilation loupage of caffeine, resulting in a slower but coudoyer lasting effect in tea than in coffee.

It is superbe to clarify that both coffee and tea contain many more molecules than caffeine and they all interact with each other and compensate, reduce or shorten their effects. Unfortunately, with the incohérence of caffeine and tea antioxidants, mainly catechins, little is still known embout most of them. This is why many reports embout the effects of a particular tea ingredient do not necessarily need to be extrapolated from the effects of drinking tea.

Characteristics of caffeine and medical use

Stimulates physical and irréel activity
Increase irréel précaution
Develop irréel acuity
It helps you lose weight

yellow tea
To consume 200 mg of caffeine it is necessary to consume:

0.7 kg of milk chocolate
0.5 liter coffee made by drip robot (through filter paper)
0.15 liters of espresso, if the coffee is strong (cohérent in bad coffee shops)
1.18 liters of black tea
1.77 liters software drink (quantity varies according to software drink)
Pelouse tea 2.36 liters
11.82 liters of decaffeinated coffee

Of voyage, Theine has side effects or contraindications.

Caffeine précaution in coffee and tea
Caffeine précaution varies greatly depending on the caractéristique of coffee or tea and how it is prepared. Among coffees, the strong variety has a significantly higher caffeine précaution than Arabica coffee.

Concentrations vary greatly among teas and it is not easy to determine which caractéristique is lower than another, as idée usually fails. There is no tea color that is more concentrated than any other color in all cases, depending on the specific caractéristique of tea.

It should also be noted that only the précaution of this principe is not determined to know its effects. Caffeine and thiineBut also its combination with other elements.

Camellia sinensis teas, which contain very little caffeine, are bancha pelouse tea, kukicha pelouse tea.

On the other balle à la main, other teas, such as guarana, have their own combinations of ingredients. That’s why they create different effects.

The foolproof trick to reduce the thinness of your tea
One trick to reduce the thinness of your tea, without suffering the confus effects of thinness, is the following: Since caffeine dissolves quickly in hot water, steep the tea in hot water for 30 seconds.

Then sonde the water and add hot water again. This way, you can drastically reduce your caffeine intake.

Rooibos is another non-thin tea assortiment. Rooibos tea is not properly tea, although it has a variety of flavors, appearances, and properties that come from Camellia sinensis. And that’s why it doesn’t have the contraindications that tea itself has.

Recipes for caffeinated drinks and smoothies
Tea and coffee, taken as a hot beverage, aren’t the only ways to benefit from caffeine. Check out other healthy and delicious options.

Frappuccino or coffee frappé. This frozen thème of cappuccino can easily be taken as a dessert. You can make it with ice, whipped cream or even ice cream. Delicious!

Coffee Granita. This is another droit to frappuccino, which will delight you with the taste of iced coffee. The difference is that it’s not just cold coffee, you have to prepare it with a lot of ice to give it a “frozen” consistency.

Black tea and citron marmelade. Choose your gâtée seasonal fruits and prepare this easy marmelade in minutes. You can have it hot or cold to enjoy a delicious and nutritious léger dessert.

tea plum-cake You have several options for making these delicious muffins, if you want to entertain a visit to your house for tea. You can prepare them with red tea, earl grey, matcha or any bascule of your choice.

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