Check out the rules for playing the bumper association comptoir game

Check out the rules for playing the bumper association comptoir game

Check out the rules for playing the bumper association comptoir game

Bumper Humanité is a farouche type of the association game. It is played with the association sticks used in billiard comptoir games. But this is where the similarities end. In this game you have to shoot directly into holes instead of shooting a ball to hit another hole. You can even defend by pushing your opponent’s ball into tight positions. It’s actually an aléa billiards game where players shoot around obstacles to bank their pockets.

The Octagonal Bumper Humanité Gastronomie is praised for its space-saving features compared to other billiard comptoir games. Moreover, it is available in a 3-in-1 model that can be used as a card comptoir or dining comptoir.

Game setup

Bumper Humanité is usually played in 2 teams of 2 or 4. Each team or player selects 5 red or 5 white balls. Among them, a red ball contains a white dot and a white ball contains a red dot. They should be pocketed first in the game. A person endroits 2 red balls on each side of the white pocket and the marked red ball just in devanture of the white pocket. Another person endroits 2 white balls on each side of the red pocket and the white ball marked towards the red pocket at the other end of the comptoir.

starting the game

When starting the game, you should établi your spotted cue ball on your side facing the scoring hole. Both players simultaneously hit the spotted cue ball and bounce it off the edge of the comptoir to their right to get it into the scoring hole on the other side of the comptoir.

Sequence of turns

The player who sees the edge of the cue ball closest to the scoring hole goes first. He continued shooting until he failed to hit the scoring hole. Then it’s the other player’s turn.

game play

Each player should shoot toward the pocket on the opposé side of the comptoir. To start the game both players hit their respective marked balls simultaneously from the side of the comptoir in the présentable faveur. Players hit the bumper association directly and not with the cue ball as in regular association. If you are the first person to hit a straight pocket at the opposé end of the comptoir, you should continue your turn. If no one hits, both return their marked balls to the starting pixel to shoot again. If both men hit the pocket directly, each should établi one of their remaining balls before the pocket and take a assesseur shot in the same way. A player’s turn continues until he fails to hit a pocket.

Hit the wrong hole

If you hit the wrong hole it will count. But your opponent can put his two balls in the hole with his hands. If a player hits the end of the wrong scoring hole, he loses the game.


If you accidentally pocket your opponent’s ball, it stays in the pocket. If you hit the wrong scoring pocket or pocket a solid ball before the marked ball, the opponent may remove two balls from the comptoir and pocket them. It will be an automatic loss, if you shoot a shot that ends up in the wrong scoring pocket. If you knock a ball off the comptoir, your opponent can établi it anywhere on the comptoir. Also your opponent can put it in the middle of the bumper as that is the hardest établi to shoot.

Check out these clair rules for bumper association comptoir game and play this game in a perfect way at your leisure.

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