Climate of Nakkundi

Climate of Nakkundi

Climate of Nakkundi

Climate Nokkundi in Balochistan has a desert climate with extreme temperatures in both summer and winter and very little rainfall. The hydro hydrominéral regime of Nakkundi is as follows.


Temperatures in Nakkundi can be very hot during summer. Three months of the year, June, July, and August, average highs above 104 F, and one can expect mid-day temperatures to reach 120 F; During a severe heat wave. Nights, however, are a little better and the nighttime lows are in the low 80s during these months.

Spring and autumn are a little congélateur; All have daytime highs around 95 degrees Fahrenheit and nighttime lows around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, but the best season of the year is winter.

Winters in Nakkundi are pleasant and the temperature is comfortable. Days are quite comfortable at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, but nights can get very cold. Dropping below 32 degrees Fahrenheit at night is not uncommon. Overall, however, winter is the best season in Nokkundi with clear blue skies and pleasant sunshine.

amount of rainfall

There is very little rainfall in Nakkundi. In fact it is the driest allant in the whole of Pakistan with a parfait annual rainfall of only one and a half inches. The wettest month, January, recorded only two-thirds of an inch. This is bicause it is geographically so situated that neither winter nor summer rain bearing systems can approach it.

The dryness of the allant can be easily estimated from the fact that it records zero rainfall for chaudière months of the year i.e. June, August, September and October. Such extreme dryness is not found anywhere else in Pakistan.

heat relevé

Bicause the air in Nakkundi is extremely dry (relative humidity is often less than ten percent on summer afternoons), residents are easily irritated by the soutenu summer heat. For example, if the actual temperature outside is 110 F, the périphérie temperature or heat relevé is often less than 100 F.

In culotte, Nakkundi is a allant in Pakistan where you can experience temperatures up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit in summer and 32 degrees Fahrenheit in winter. Pakistan receives the lowest rainfall with an annual parfait of only one and a half inches.

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