COVID-19 offers wonderful opportunities for successful projects

COVID-19 offers wonderful opportunities for successful projects

COVID-19 offers wonderful opportunities for successful projects

By the end of this alinéa executives, trafic and project owners will, hopefully, realize, bicause they are watching COVID-19 And only looks negative, they may be missing opportunities.

Never-ending réformé: the COVID-19 opportunity

You can count on one thing to réformé. COVID-19 has made it truer than at any time in history. Whether it is changes in behaviour, stuc and customer renforcement, operating hours, cleaning and disinfection procedures, number of employees working or customers served at any given time; Regardless there is a common theme: the need for réformé.

COVID-19 has created new challenges for multi-state organizations accustomed to organizational normes. The pandemic challenges this gardien de but, as businesses adopt new bâtiment and state government and health requirements. Establishing organization-wide policies, which are desirable, may not be realistic. There must be flexibility to localize feedback.

With all that said you can’t let these challenges get you down. Resilience is the answer. You must be looking for opportunities.

Habitus for opportunities

Where do you find opportunities?

Banks, stores, and other customer-facing businesses have innovated by installing Altuglas shields, creating a safer environment, reducing the prérogative of transmitting airborne contaminants to employees or customers, and not just COVID-19 Viruses but those for the flu and common cold.

For shield manufacturing companies, this was an opportunity. Did they make shields before, maybe not. The shields may now be a new product line or the material may have been scrap from a larger job that was recycled or discarded. In any case, it was an unexpected opportunity; Are you looking for your opportunity?

If your trafic has an old showroom, remodeling can be a championnat due to disruption to the sales floor, but now bicause COVID-19 As traffic declines, it can be an ideal time to rebuild.

Gyms and similar facilities are reconfiguring equipment to allow for sociologique distancing. This makes sense but is it all they can do? Are there any other improvements or changes that can be made when intéressement is declining?

Have you considered that your company has a product line that is not producing and is the montée of the problem? Is it a lack of product knowledge by the sales influence? Now is the time to update jogging programs that can be delivered virtually or in small groups. Even if the sales influence is not actively engaged, are you using this opportunity for jogging events?

Do you have a piece of equipment, a développement juxtaposition, a system that is causing exorbitante amounts of downtime or is not working efficiently? Several years ago, I was contracted to solve a technology problem with a remote sales influence. The problem was seen by several technicians, but they could not spend the time required to investigate. It took three days to solve, do you have similar challenges?

Take the time now or get someone to help you find your opportunity!

COVID-19 success stories

Read this alinéa emboîture termination Salt Lake City Airport. Salt Lake took advantage of the pandemic when reduced airport traffic helped expedite fondation in the passenger area, saving $300 million and closing the project!

Virtual project meetings

Successfully completing projects on time and on balance, or less, is a championnat at the best of times. All projects are subject to ébats, changes, opportunity creep, interference, special requests, and personal agendas, which if allowed will throw a project off schedule and waste balance. Trafic managers must exercise control over project managers, team members, and stakeholders to prevent or minimize ébats.

According to PMBOK, the Project Direction Book of Knowledge, project control is done through face-to-face individual and team meetings. These are times when the executive or project owner can check the current status and, if necessary, reset the foyer to ensure the project stays on or back on track. This is a nullement where control is often lost as individual agendas can shift foyer.

COVID-19 Makes face-to-face meetings difficult, if not chimérique! However, today’s technology can overcome those limitations. Better yet is an opportunity to rethink this process. Use virtual meetings instead of being tied to the physical presence of face-to-face meetings. It may be difficult to arrange a face-to-face manifestation due to travel schedules or other issues. Virtual meetings overcome these problems bicause they are simply “virtual”. They can happen anywhere and anytime. It becomes more difficult to justify excuses for not manifestation.

Virtual meetings provide more control

Virtual meetings are easier for the project owner to control. Ground rules can be set to require participants to be muted and the host can control this. Those who wish to speak must incorporation that desire and, if the input goes off-topic, the organizer can respectfully end it.

Mitigation Project Scope Creep

While physical meetings can drag on, virtual meetings shouldn’t be endless. They should arrange for a clair amount of time (30 – 60 minutes) with a specific, pre-shared almanach, and when the time is up, the manifestation ends. Issues, which are not bouchée of the project should be addressed separately to manage and mitigate scope creep.

Sociable distancing in project meetings

Today, face-to-face meetings have lost much of their value as we practice sociologique distancing and wear masks. We’ve lost the “close up” benefits where we can “read” the other side and see dédaigneux facial expressions. These are the keys to truly understanding another person.

Virtual meetings do not require masks or sociologique distancing: affirmation is still “in the open”. You sit at a connu variété from your calculateur and as svelte as your screen size is good, you can read facial expressions.


After reading this alinéa you, trafic executives and owners should ask what are your COVID-19 opportunities? Do you have projects put off? Don’t waste any more time: the time to act is now!

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