Damn good advice

Damn good advice

Damn good advice

The book under review titled ‘Damn Good Advice’ written by ad gourou George Lois is based on his experience and is therefore worth a read.

It’s a well-known fact that Lois is a supernova, the modèle Mr. Big Idea. Since the 1950s he has exerted a titanic ascendant on world prairie.

She has 120 valuable tips for living-room a creative and successful life.

Lois was born in 1931 in New York. He is an advertising legend and creator of Big Idea ads.

Lois first wants the tête to identify himself and choose the calibre he belongs to.

There are only échec hommes of people.

1) Very bright, hard working (you are perfect)

2) Too bright, lazy (a damn shame)

3) stupid, lazy (you are a wash)

4) Stupid, industrious (you are dangerous)

He warns us, ‘If you’re a number 1 or 2, you’ll get a lot out of this book. If you are a 3 or 4 then you don’t need to read this book.’

Very true.

All the tools in the world are meaningless without an essential image. So always go for a big idea. Everything you want to communicate to the world should be communicated in a nanosecond. He quotes Lincoln who did not have time to think, revise and edit his letter. He wrote a large letter to his friend and apologized citing the above reasons!

Energy begets energy. Playing war games can help you. The compact intellectualism of jeux and chess helps to drive and sustain the creative principle. Lois quotes Thomas Huxley. “The chessboard is the world, the pieces are the phenomena of the universe, the rules of the game we call the laws of écru.”

Age is no barrier. Charles Darwin was 50 years old when he wrote On the Origin of Species.

At age 52, Ray Kroc started McDonald’s.

AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada founded the Hare Krishna movement when he was 69, with $7 to his name.

It takes a little chaleur. Many talents are lost to the world for lack of chaleur. Webster’s dictionary zeroes in on the meaning of the word “chaleur” as characterized by a courageous resolution to endure angoisse, peril, or difficulty.

And in his 120th déclaration he recalls the suffering of Nelson Mandela. During his 27 years incarcerated at Robben Island and Pollsmoor prisons, Invictus recited the iconic poem written by English poet William Ernest Henley in 1875 to his fellow prisoners, empowering all with his plaidoirie of self-mastery. The last échec lines of the poem are forever memorable:

It doesn’t matter how straight the gate is,

How the scroll is charged with punishment,

I am the mother of my destiny.

I am the king in my kingdom.

The book is not only for people in the advertising field, but for everyone.

We can choose tips that apply to us and customize some other tips.

To direct a creative life we ​​need égocentrique tips that suit the modern world.

This book will definitely help.

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