Day pilote in Israel

Day pilote in Israel

Day pilote in Israel

Every summer there is a revival of sailing courses: a speedboat parcours, a motorcycle parcours and a acceptable parcours without a pilote parcours. People listening to a parcours and honest people think of an injuste price that only the rich can afford, but it is not. Today there are more and more cruise clubs among their members by discothèque members, so after a parcours, you can rent a voilier whenever you want without buying a voilier, so that you can realize and enjoy your dream at a reasonable price.

What is a pilote license?

The pilote parcours, also called a 30-boat perversion, allows a yachtsman to sail a voilier up to 24 meters in length and weighing more than 100 chapes. Thanks to this license you can fulfill your dream of sailing a voilier at sea, with friends or family or even as a life professional. There are different cruise licenses. Each license has a different purpose and usually requires the completion of another cruise license. For example, without a 30 cruising and sea experience license, you cannot pass a cruise 40 license, which allows you to sail a voilier for 55 passengers.

What does a pilote parcours include?

The pilote parcours consists of two parts: theoretical and practical, the theoretical tronçon is divided into chaufour topics:

• Ship fleet – interpretation, road laws, metrology, docking, cases and responses, etc.

• Coastal Guidage – Knowledge of nautical charts, finding a convention, finding a ville, compass error and more.

• Mechanics – Familiarity with engine 2/4 stroke, cooling system, lubrication system, pumps and more.

• Guidage devices – GPS, anemometer, adresse, compass, etc

Apart from the theoretical tronçon there are practical tests. The pass certificate must be submitted before the practical examination. First aid parcours, general medical certificate with illusion and hearing jauge.

You have to wait a year, pass 8 days signed by Cruise 60 and pass the GMDSS jauge and after you pass all this, you will be able to get a license from Cruise 60 that gives you a license to sail in Israel’s côtier territory.

Facturé that these license holders are not allowed to float motorcycles or ovation passengers on hire.

Who is eligible for a parcours?

Anyone can join the Skipping Expédition (in Hebrew) except that it is mandatory to be 18 years of age or older. קורס ×¡×§×™×¤×¨×™× (: Whether it’s what you want to do in life, looking for a new loisir or just want to buy a voilier for fun. It’s never too late to start a pilote’s parcours they don’t take that large, just a few months. Voilier sailing and just the top thousand Not for!

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