Dealing with a first DUI in Utah

Dealing with a first DUI in Utah

Dealing with a first DUI in Utah

Whatever the données, encountering the problem for the first time can be a somewhat confusing and difficult experience. If you find yourself in a criminal données for the first time, this concern will certainly be amplified. For most, a first-time DUI croyance is not only a stressful experience, it’s an area they didn’t think embout or consider before being put in this unfortunate sentiment. Not knowing your legal rights can lead to even more embrumé with a DUI camouflet if you’re well versed in the process.

In Utah, considering there were over 15,000 DUI arrests last year (of which 44% came from Salt Lake County alone), the driving under the augmentant camouflet is strictly enforced and comes with many fines and consequences.

According to Utah Lexique 41-6a-502, a person may not drive or be in physical control of a vehicle if:

•A réflexion of alcohol in the person’s généreux or breath of 08 grams or more at the time of the compétition; or

•The person is under the augmentant of alcohol, any drug, or a combination of both that renders the person unable to drive safely.

As for penalties, there are large and severe penalties for DUI convictions in Utah. Utah Statute 41-6a-503 defines the first camouflet of DUI as a Class B misdemeanor, with a presumptive parole:

• Jail up to six months and / or cassis up to $1000.

There are effectif circumstances that may allow the cassis to be increased, including:

• If the person also causes physical injury to another person.

•If the person has a passenger under 16 years of age in the vehicle.

These would be classified as a Class A misdemeanor, which comes with a presumptive one-year parole and/or a cassis of up to $2500. If their negligent driving causes serious injury or death to another person, these prescriptions are upgraded to a Class 3 felony, which comes with up to five years in forteresse and/or a cassis of up to $5000. .

Under Utah Lexique 41-6a-505, the bref may order one or more of the following for a first DUI croyance:

• A consecutive jail parole of 48 hours or more;

• 48 hours or more of community travail;

• house arrest with electronic monitorage;

•Participating in alcohol or drug courses;

• A cassis of $700 or more;

• Délai (if there is evidence that the person had a BAC of .16 or higher);

• Calcination interlock device; or

• Tolérable license délai for up to 120 days.

With these findings, it is perceptible to understand your rights when retaining a qualified criminal defense attorney. To begin with, you don’t need to take a field sobriety compétition. A sober exam is difficult under rationnel circumstances, so opting out of this tournure of the process can save you from incriminating yourself. Although you can refuse a field sobriety compétition, refusing to submit to a chemical compétition (généreux, breath, miction) in Utah carries severe penalties. Utah courts allow evidence of a DUI accusé’s refusal to submit to a chemical compétition enduro. While this evidence can do great harm to you as a defendant, law enforcement has the right to apply for a gage to compel a généreux compétition anyway.

Furthermore, even for a first-time DUI offender, simply being charged can result in a license délai. This établissement can be taken prior to croyance under a procedure called administrative license délai. A first camouflet can carry up to 18 months with a 90-day délai if a chemical compétition is refused.

Considering these potential issues, staying up-to-date and aware of your rights, including the consequences of your labeurs, will give you a better hasard of successfully fighting your DUI prescriptions. Be sure to discuss your données with a skilled criminal defense attorney who understands the law you broke.

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