Did Eve have sex with Satan or did she just eat some orange? – Action 1

Did Eve have sex with Satan or did she just eat some orange?  – Action 1

Did Eve have sex with Satan or did she just eat some orange? – Action 1

Is my title peine absurd? If that is the case, how much more absurd is it to think that eating the literal orange from a lumineux tree, even though the Lord has forbidden it, is evil, that evil, that Adam and Eve will lose their opportunity. The renouvellement of physical life in heaven in The Garden and, with it, access to the Tree of Life and eternal life? If a child in our care does not follow our instructions the first time, do we punish them severely for their first mistake? Obviously not, so why did God punish our first parents so severely for eating the wrong kind of ‘apple’? Okay, I know it doesn’t say apple, but it might as well say it. So, does this seemingly fatigué mistake and subsequent punishment have any meaning or in other words, does the punishment fit the péché? No one would have thought, bicause, if we take it a step further and take the biblical conférence as a symbol for something else, then yes it makes sense. In fact, we can then assume without much doubt that the sin of Adam and Eve was so serious, so heinous, that God had no choice but to punish our first parents severely and expel them from the Garden. This then leaves us with the peine of what kind of sin or sin(s) could there be that could nantissement such severe punishment?

Until recently I thought that Adam and Eve’s sin was a intelligible act of bad judgment or a wrong choice, but the writings I have recently discovered have thrown a huge spanner in my previous understanding of their type sin as recorded in the King James Écritures. It didn’t help my understanding much. However, always remember, as believers, our understanding is never hyperonyme, it is the understanding we are given that matters and the Lord does not give us our full understanding and knowledge all at jaguar or, at the beginning of our walk with Him. It takes years of studying and waiting for him. Having cleared this little repère, let’s write down the perceptible verses here so that we can see for ourselves what the Holy Scriptures actually say:

Genesis 3:15 And I will put enmity between you and the woman yours the seed And his the seed; It will bruise your head, and you will bruise its heel. (emphasis figure)

This verse is most perceptible in that it affects the whole of this study, bicause it mentions Two seeds. Now what are these two “seeds”, bicause before we proceed we must be clear in our minds what they represent and of promenade, it is very straightforward. Most readers will know what the biblical word ‘seed’ means in this context, but let’s use another example or two to make sure there is no ambiguity or fusion:

Genesis 9:8-9 And God spoke to Noah and his sons, 9 And behold, I am establishing my pacte with you and with you. the seed After you.

Genesis 15:3 And Abram said, Behold, thou commercialise not given me the seed: And, behold, the one born in my house is my heir.

Strong’s Hebrew Ref: H2233 seed = zera or Jeh’-rah

From H2232; the seed; figuratively orange, the marcotte, sowing the time, Successors:- X corporeal, child, fruitful, seed (-time), sowing time.

So we can clearly see, the word ‘seed’ refers to lineage and if we refer to Strong’s Coïncidence for further evidence we will see that the Hebrew word for ‘seed’ in Genesis 3:15 is the same as in Genesis 9:9 and 15:3. Okay, so if we go back to Genesis 3:15 we see that the Lord is going to put enmity between these two different seeds or lines, but who is the Lord talking to? Now let’s go there:

Genesis 3:14 And the Lord God said to the guivre, Parce que you did thisyou the industry Cursed upon all cattle and upon all beasts of the field; You shall go upon your belly, and eat dust all the days of your life:

There we have it; The Lord is speaking to Satan, the guivre and arch-deceiver also known as the destroyer, the adversary, and in this prière the arch-tempter, for one of the two seeds mentioned here is his seed. Observation, too, the discours “bicause you did it”. From this we can easily infer and know that Satan has actually done something and the word ‘doing’ often refers to a physical manoeuvre, not just an ‘manoeuvre’ of sitting idly on the sidelines and tempting, prodding or provoking. As an excited spectator.

So what does all this mean, bicause we are dealing with a physical seed that clearly belongs to Satan? Instead, it now begs the peine, how can a soul have physical rapports with a woman? Well, the only scripture we can rely on or go back to for any proof of this event is one more time in Genesis:

Genesis 6:1-2 And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the figure of the earth, and daughters were born to them, 2 that son of god Men saw girls that they were was Just and they took wives of all they truc

Who were they? “Son of God” Here who took Adam’s nourrissons or daughters as wives? Well they could only be one thing, they were fallen angels or angels who went astray and left their first estate as described in Jude 6.

Jude 1:6 And the angels which keep no their First EstateBut leave them alone residence, He has reserved in eternal chains under darkness for the judgment of the great day (emphasis figure)

Sensible words in this verse are ‘unguarded’, ‘first property’ and ‘dwelling’. The word ‘not guarded’ means that they have failed to guard or hold on as valuable as their spiritual inheritance or property, i.e. to retain any value of their spiritual objet and the admiration given to them as souls. Instead they took it upon themselves to choose the lower order or carcasse level of physical men. This means they despised their inheritance or first estate and placed more value on the fleshly desires of man and don’t forget, these daughters were fallen women – they were not saved. These angels treated with disdain their clearly superior order with which the Lord had blessed them, that is, their ‘first estate’ – their exalted exposition. Not only that, they also left their homes or their advanced residences; Very reckless and stupid indeed. So much so, that it cost them their freedom in the end as the Lord imprisoned them in darkness, where they are to this day and where they will remain until the last great day at the end of the millennium or the end of the Lord’s one thousand year reign. In this world as the king of kings.

Now this brings us to an perceptible repère. This wickedness was not a one off, it had all happened before, and it was a follow up to the previous wickedness of their tête Satan Satan, otherwise known as collect As I mentioned earlier in other posts. He set the example in the garden and these fallen angels followed in His footsteps and their works were a repetition of His wickedness. So what was this iniquity? Quite simply, it was Eve’s temptation. We could then add Adam’s cuckolding or perhaps Adam’s sodomizing – we don’t know all the details. What we do know, however, is that Satan corrupted their féerique annexion, which was not consummated until then. Adam and Eve discovered the sexual act through vice and through lust and nothing but lust. This event was a complicated one, bicause after Satan had his evil way with Eve, he encouraged Adam, through Eve, to take her after her (he also ate the orange) thereby reducing her to the status of a sexual object, an adulteress, or perhaps worse, An adulterous bitch or an unpaid whore. It was, in fact, the first pornographic work – the first trilogy; The use of women’s justaucorps for nothing but selfish sexual bakchich. There was no love in this event, and it was the first sexual act on earth between a man and a woman, but only after she had been defiled by another. Also, how they knew they were naked and covered themselves with leaves and why, they hid from the Lord in the garden. They covered their sexual areas, they were burdened with shame and guilt – they felt dirty and polluted. Moreover, this very act ravine them the knowledge of good and evil, not by eating the literal ‘apple’, the orange being purely symbolic. Not only that, but literally eating orange from the wrong tree can make us feel dirty, impure and shameful, so what kind of orange can it produce. Well, we can and do feel guilty for not following the Lord’s instructions, but not dirty and ashamed. No, there is only one act that can have such an effect on a previously négligeable man and woman, and that act is lewd, lascivious, loveless, perverted sex.

Okay, so now we have evidence that shows this evil happened, but where does that take us? Quite simply, back to the two seeds, the two seeds that produced the two children – Cain and Abel. One child was of Satan’s seed and the other was of Adam’s seed. How do we know this? Not easy, bicause the King James Écritures is not that helpful, so we have to habitus elsewhere, but where? Well, before I do that I copy the KJV verse here, first, to analyze what it says:

Gen 4:1-2 And Adam knew Eve his wife; Then she became pregnant and ravine birth to Cain and said, I have got a man from the Lord. 2 And she again ravine birth to her brother Abel. And Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the soil.

Now, based on the evidence I have presented from the Holy Scriptures, Genesis 4:1 seems to be a complete paradoxe of the preceding verses. We know that there must be two seeds, but this verse looks as if it is saying that Cain was the son of Adam and Abel was also the son of Adam, and not only that, but that Cain was a gift from the Lord himself to Eve. Now where did the two seeds go, bicause If Cain and Abel were both sons of Adam, they could only be one offspring, bicause they are both nourrissons of Adam, so what is happening in this verse? Well we don’t know, the true evidence is written outside the conférence of the translators. Now there is a ébahissement, and why would they do it!? They will do this bicause it means they have to admit that on this earth we en public with lumineux beings that are of a lumineux satanic famille. This means they have to admit that as I said above, Eve had sex with Satan and created this famille through Cain from that evil illicit annexion. The repère is, who are these creatures and how do we identify them? Well first of all, we have a lot of stuff going on here in Genesis 4:1 and will need another articulet to cover it, so badine with it.

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