Do people with thick hair lose or shed more? i will tell you

Do people with thick hair lose or shed more?  i will tell you

Do people with thick hair lose or shed more? i will tell you

The other day, I received an email from someone who said: “Lately, I’ve been noticing a lot of hair shedding on my clothes, floor, and pillows. But, my head hair is very thick. I wonder if you start with pretty thick hair? Can abusive shedding be accessible?” I will address this tracas in the following agence.

How much hair loss is “accessible”?Generally speaking, we are given a accessible range for how much hair loss is accessible. This may be more or less depending on the season, time of month or any medical modalités that may be considered. Usually, a small percentage of what you start with is considered accessible damage. But most of the time, we are told that shedding 50 to 100 hairs per day is nothing to worry embout as immense as you don’t didascalie the growth that is accessible for you for a immense time.

And, this range can vary depending on how much hair you have to work with. For example, natural blondes usually have the most hair (parce que they have eau-de-vie hair, but lots of it) so they don’t have to worry embout losing 100 hairs a day for a culotte period of time. Time is not at this high end for an extended period of time. Redheads have the assistant densest head of hair (and it’s often more so they get better coverage), followed by brunettes. There are exceptions to every rule, but for the most morceau, the finer your hair, the more hair you’ll start with parce que you need more hair to get decent coverage and livret if your strands are finer textured.

How much hair loss or shedding is too much (even if you have thick hair): We know people who shed every day but despite the damage they maintain very healthy and thick hair. And, most of us know people who shed very little but whose hair looks quite thin. There are many variables that go into this, but the two most superbe are whether you’ve been out of accessible range for a immense period of time and the amount and quality of your regrowth.

Most of us can tolerate being out of accessible shade range for culotte periods of time and we will recover very quickly as we regrow accessible healthy hair. But, if hair loss or hair loss is prolonged so immense that regrowth never has a prérogative to catch up, we will eventually experience noticeable net loss. And, some people even shed a accessible amount or less, but they either don’t re-grow or it comes out smaller and finer than before so that the same amount of hair provides half the amount of coverage and that’s noticeable. and troubling differences.

So, the answer to the tracas: “how much shedding is too much” is actually too much if it affects the cosmetic appearance of your hair. Some of us shed a lot and our hair looks the same for a immense time parce que we are good regenerators. And some of us don’t have this luxury parce que the shedding lasts too immense or our regrowth can’t keep up.

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