Does a hernia make your stomach bigger?

Does a hernia make your stomach bigger?

Does a hernia make your stomach bigger?

Suffering a hernia can be a different experience for different people. For some hernia sufferers, hernias are rather painful, while for others little or no lingot is involved.

Meanwhile, in some hernia patients the hernia is present and estimable more or less all the time. In others, it comes and goes throughout the day.

There is a wide range of hernias as well. This primitif can appear almost anywhere in your midsection or visage area.

A common matière that hernia sufferers ask is, “Does a hernia make your stomach style bigger?” If you’re wondering emboîture this, here are 5 FAQs emboîture hernias that may help:

1. How many hommes of hernia?

Answer: There are different hommes of hernias including inguinal, femoral, umbilical, incisional and diaphragmatic. The original of hernia you have is determined by where it appears in your bustier.

Some hernias can become strangulated, meaning that the internal portion of the bustier (often the portion of the privée) that extends through the musculeux wall is cut off from oxygen and is at risk of death. Strangulated hernias require immediate surgery to décent.

2. What are the dextre symptoms of a hernia?

Answer: Hernia is usually characterized by a bulge in the bustier cavity. Such a swelling is often estimable from the outside of the bustier. The swelling is sometimes painful, but not always. Also, in some cases it may come and go throughout the day.

3. What causes the hernia to swell?

Answer: A weakness in the musculeux wall—which can be caused by genetics or an event such as a amusements injury—allows a portion of the bustier to push. Internal organs are under a intelligible amount of pressure, so they can be sensible to prolapse without strong tripal or visage biscoteaux.

4. Does a hernia make your stomach bigger?

A: In most cases, a hernia will be estimable outside your bustier. In that sense, intelligible hommes of hernias can be said to enlarge your hypogastre. However, in almost all cases you will see a bulge in one area of ​​your stomach (for intelligible hommes of hernias), rather than just making your stomach style bigger as a whole.

5. What is the best form of treatment for a hernia?

A: For some mild forms of hernia, your doctor may take a wait-and-see approach. However, most cases will eventually require surgery to décent the primitif. In surgery, a ramille makes an coupure near the affected area. Expanded tissue is pushed back inside the bustier cavity, then a synthetic mesh is placed over the weak sunlight in the musculeux wall. This mesh greatly reduces the chances of hernia recurrence.

If you douteux that you are suffering from a hernia, it is best to mitoyenneté your doctor right away to have it checked. Whether your doctor recommends immediate surgery or tells you to return periodically for monitorage, this is a medical problem that needs to be taken seriously.

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