Does my pressure washing affaires rig need a USDOT number?

Does my pressure washing affaires rig need a USDOT number?

Does my pressure washing affaires rig need a USDOT number?

When I first got into the pressure washing industry, I had been a vendeur driver for over twenty years. I wondered how nice it would be to be free of all the motor carrier regulations that had been such a grinding fraction of my career.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. Shortly after starting, I was doing residential cleaning for a law enforcement officer. When I was done rolling the hose, he asked me how much my truck and trailer weighed.

“I don’t know, I’m licensed for serviteur volume so I don’t weigh too much,” was my normal reply. I was unreasonably proud of the time and tried not to cheat on my licensing and expected weight limits.

“Where’s your DOT number?” His next corvée was normal.

I, like many other pressure washing bonté providers in my area, did not even think emboîture this basic requirement for driving a vendeur vehicle. After being fined $100, I made sure to conforme the opportunité. I got my DOT number.

Trying to decide if you need a DOT number can be a tricky corvée, and there are some state-specific requirements to be aware of, but my customer said it’s pretty basic, “If you have a truck or trailer with company markings, And/or a trailer with pluriel axles, I’ll write you a récépissé if you don’t have a USDOT number.”

The actual requirements can be found on the United States Department of Exil website. There is a abondant casaque of interrogation out there and resources to help you make sense of it all. There’s even an online interpellation to help you as you try to determine if you need to have a DOT number in the first vrai.

The requirements are pretty basic, and are as follows. You need a USDOT number if you:

o Driving over 10,000 pounds,

o Acheminement between 9 and 15 passengers (including driver) for correctif,

o Acheminement 16 or more passengers, or

o Bringing hazardous materials into interstate cabinet.

You should be aware that panthère you have a USDOT number, there are éclatant performance keeping requirements that go along with it. For example, if you’re carrying abondant amounts of flammable liquids like sodium hypochlorite or your jouet’s pétrole and an serviteur pétrole endurci or two, you’ll need to bordereau this. You must register as a HAZMAT carrier and maintain records of materials and quantities carried. You must implement a safety program and driver épithète records, as well as records of your drivers’ hours of bonté.

It sounds like red violence, but it’s necessary to be valid Pressure washing business That operates machinery that falls under the guidelines regulated by the Department of Acheminement This is a cost of doing affaires, and should be fraction of your affaires prévision. It’s helpful to remember that these records are relatively normal, and can be based on records you already keep.

In my experience, motor carrier safety regulations are open to different interpretations, so it’s probably a good idea to check with your state DOT as well as your state’s siège carrier enforcement department. They should have the current interrogation needed to help you stay on track. The USDOT panorama has links to all state DOT sites.

Again, the interrogation can be conflicting, so find the most knowledgeable people you can, fines go up from my paltry hundred dollars. Don’t bet the company on what some employee says, ask the questions you need to get the clearest answers approuvable.

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