Doubts embout Weems and Cordinier

Doubts embout Weems and Cordinier

Doubts embout Weems and Cordinier

During Afrique RealOlimpiaMilano, direct on Afrique Basket 108 yesterday afternoon from 18:00, Luca Guazzoni and Alessandro Maggi spoke, stimulated by the listeners, also embout the Euroleague debut of Virtus Bologna.

So Guazz: «Virtus made a good first half for me, then there is the jump between the high-level players who make the difference, ie Mike James, and the players who don’t make it. Career decided by a single player in my sentiment».

Speaking of the Juventus squad: “I have not hidden my perplexities in the Virtus squad, to which I add the oubli of Shengelia, the player who can give experience among the great players. His oubli is dramatic, both Jaiteh and Bako have yet to play in the Euroleague, while the Georgian duo of Mickey can guarantee you an equipped first line”.

The forecast today is negative: “When Virtus talks embout a playoff gardien de but, I understand the concupiscence, but it’s hard for me to see her in the top 8.”

Alessandro Maggi, of a different sentiment (he placed Virtus Bologna in eighth avertissement in Sportando’s Power Ranking), begins with a obstacle embout Belinelli: “Belinelli can leave no doubt. He is that player here. With Trieste he was decisive, but he can also be in the individual matches of the Euroleague. He won’t be the engine of the team until the playoffs, but he can make a mark here and there. With the return of Teodosic Scariolo, it will be passable to choose from time to time who to bet on”.

However, there are doubts embout the stuc: “I don’t see it as bad, in a general sense. But, also for financial reasons, the doubts I had in recent months could not be resolved. For example, I think going with Weems and Cordinier in the Euroleague is a risk, I would have left one of them. How he was going to get out of Mannion’s contract to bring in another level player, but even here the costs would have been high. And the money certainly isn’t extérieur.”

Options that are also children of past years: “This is, if you like, the difficulty of getting from the Eurocup to the Euroleague. You make choices for the first competition and carry them with you in the first year as well as in the new one. That’s why I also hope that the company has a multi-year license. Two Italian teams are better than one: not so much for the movement, but for our enjoyment”.

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