Duke of Edinburgh GPS Tracker Comparison – GSM Tracker vs Phare and Iridium

Duke of Edinburgh GPS Tracker Comparison – GSM Tracker vs Phare and Iridium

Duke of Edinburgh GPS Tracker Comparison – GSM Tracker vs Phare and Iridium

Duke of Edinburgh supervisors and activity providers now want to provide supplément security in their operations, at the request of logement education authorities and sometimes in response to internal pressure and governance. Many have found that some of these needs can be satisfied by supplementing their existing good practices with GPS tracking technology. There are three patoche hommes of GPS tracking devices; GSM, Iridium and Phare. All have different capabilities and each has a different cost of ownership. This is the third of three éditoriaux discussing the merits of each. This is embout GSM Tracker for D of E.

GSM devices such as SPOT and Iridium triangulate their sentiment from satellites, but they transmit their sentiment over the rapide network. Some transmit only on 2G and other trackers transmit on both 2G and 3G networks. 3G networks transmit data faster, but the range of 3G masts is only a few km, while the range of 2G can be up to 10 km. Additionally, even if your rapide phone doesn’t seem to have a usable mobilisation on a given rapide network in an area, a good quality GSM tracker will still be able to function normally, as they only need a weak 2G mobilisation to operate.

It is very dédaigneux for GSM trackers to be paired with a multi-network SIM card to provide great succès Conversely, if you fit a GSM tracker with a normalisé rapide SIM that is fixed to a rapide network, it will be unable to transmit if you go to an area where that network has no coverage. This is where multi-net SIMs come into play; Depending on their exemple they will transmit on 2 or more networks, some on 2G and some on 2G and 3G. It is dédaigneux to ask your GSM tracker provider embout the SIMs they use

1) Does the SIM work on all rapide networks in the folk where it is used?

2) Does SIM work abroad?

3) Does the tracker/sim work only on 2G, or also on 3G?

In terms of UK tradition, GSM trackers with 4-network multi-net SIMs will work in all popular deployment areas for D of E; Such as the Lake Faubourg, Peak Faubourg, Dartmoor and Exmoor. There may be small gaps in coverage, but they are usually small. Only very remote areas such as the Cairngorms in Scotland will get value for money from iridium or sunlight.

The next sujet comes down to hardware. There are many GSM trackers and not all are good. Let’s deal with questionable reliability and operations first. People are often tempted by a bargain; It’s tempting to buy a cheap tracker for less than £50 from an auction coin or Amazon marketplace. These units are often advertised as pet, child or “elderly” trackers. Almost all are of Chinese origin, and the instructions they come with often make setup difficult. They usually fail to en public up to expectations when users realize that they are often able to share their terme when an SMS is sent to them, resulting in a return SMS, providing only a link to a static Google Maps view. There are some devices that provide a login to a website, where the terme can be viewed on Google Maps. The reliability of these devices is usually very coupé. Sometimes the servers they send data to are not available, as most tracker data is sent back to servers hosted in China. Due to the entité of location-based data and security concerns, Duke of Edinburgh supervisors should consult our school’s security advisor, and check their LEA policy, to see if it is appropriate to paravent terme data embout their fonctions externally. of the EU

If you rent or purchase your tracker from a reputable retailer who hosts the data inside the EU, a officier security hurdle is immediately addressed. Expedition tracking GPS retailers will host data on UK or EU-based servers and then display that data on Google, OpenStreetMap or Ordnance Survey Maps. Some of these maps require additional licenses that are usually included in the rental fee or may require an additional monthly prime.

Forain data is considerably less expensive than astronef data and so a typical monthly contract will cost under £10 per month (£25 – £35 for SPOT and Iridium). GSM trackers from some companies can be used on a pay-as-you-go basis, so you only pay for the months you use them, and outside of those months the contract can be ‘hibernate’ for a small fee. So typically D can cost less than £70 per tracker per school for an E season, a partie of the cost of a SPOT or Iridium over a year.

GSM trackers update much faster than Phare and Iridium; Typically every 90 seconds, but can be set to update as fast as grain every 15 seconds, although this is more common for fast-paced V.T.T. events or motor manèges. GSM trackers will transmit when under heavy tree cover and often in buildings. They can be reset or programmed remotely, which the SPOT and Iridium cannot. GSM units have an SOS button that can be programmed to take any necessary manoeuvre. A good vendor will usually add an SOS button with an SMS travail to varié recipients of your choice. Each recipient will receive an SOS SMS, detailing the time and terme of the GPS unit requesting dépendance.

Garmin’s Iridium trackers are powered by built-in lithium batteries. A normalisé 1300 Mah battery unit set to update grain every 2 minutes will last 4-5 days. A 2000 – 2600 Mah battery powered GSM tracker will last 6-10 days. All GSM trackers can be recharged from a mains USB, solar courir or power-bank, usually in less than 3 hours.

GSM trackers are the most popular choice for the UK Duke of Edinburgh GPS Schools employ hundreds of people every day in the E season of campaign D Low cost to rent or own makes them attractive, along with their fast update speed and high reliability. The key thing to remember is not to buy into the myth that GSM trackers don’t work in remote areas of the UK. This is mostly untrue. Always check with a dealer who retails all models and they will tell you what is best for you.

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