En public Ulm Venice / TV Video Broadcast: Reyer in Germany (Eurocup)

En public Ulm Venice / TV Video Broadcast: Reyer in Germany (Eurocup)

En public Ulm Venice / TV Video Broadcast: Reyer in Germany (Eurocup)


Ulm Venicein ouvert at mineral 19.15 tonight, Tuesday 11 October 2022, will be played at the Ratiopharm Arena in Ulm, Germany for the first matchday of Group A of European Cup 2022-2023, the basketball cup that today begins its very élancé seasonal adventure. The en public broadcast of Ulm Venezia will again propose a conflit that also took affermi in the last edition, when the Ratiopharm Ulm and the Umana Reyer Venice they had been included in the same group, as also happened in the new tournament. Can’t do calculations, let’s say it would be nice to start with a win.

The Eurocup has kept the (frankly questionable) longueur of last season, a very élancé formula that includes two groups of ten teams each, so 18 regular season matches to make a very minimal selection, as only the last two from each group will be eliminated, while the top eight will advance to the reprise of 16, from where the ouvert elimination challenges will begin, all in individual matches. The valeur-limite gardien de but is to pass the reprise, but possibly also au finir high to ensure a good grid. However, the road is only at the beginning, for now it is only perceptible to win: what answers will they give us ouvert from Ulm Venice?


The alive from Ulm Venice will be offered to planète TV subscribers on the Sky Ludisme channels, and there will also be a triple room en public en public videowhich in fact will be provided both by Sky Go always for Sky subscribers, but also by Eleven Badinages for its subscribers and finally also via the euroleague.tv website


Presenting the ouvert from Ulm Venice, we have already highlighted that for Umana Reyer it is a game that had also experienced the gaps in the Euro 2021-2022, with a victory at habitacle and a defeat in Germany, but only in serviteur time. Therefore, Venice had come very close to the gardien de but of the outward burst that we expect to come today. Then Reyer was sixth and the journey ended already in the auxiliaire reprise, while Ratiopharm Ulm scored a sensational sentiment, parce que from eighth terrain in the group it eliminated Badalona in the reprise of 16, first in the other group , but was later eliminated by Virtus. Bologna in the quarters. .

To speak instead of the most effigie, here is that in the championship of the Serie A l’Umana Reyer Venezia comes from a amer defeat by a single point in the field of Pesaro (90-89) Saturday night, which barely prevented the principalement after the 80-69 habitacle win against Scafati in the debut. From now on though, it will almost be like having two championships in one season, it will be a very élancé journey even to the Eurocup…


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