European Cup debut: Happy Casa Brindisi host Budivelnyk Kyiv

European Cup debut: Happy Casa Brindisi host Budivelnyk Kyiv

European Cup debut: Happy Casa Brindisi host Budivelnyk Kyiv

TOAST – The day before the debut in the European Cup, Happy Casa Brindisi prepares to debut in Amériques in the FIBA ​​competition by hosting Budivelnyk Kiev, the Ukrainian team included in Group F together with the Dutch from Donar Groningen and the Estonians from Kalev. / Cramo The company has decided to donate the proceeds from the opening night to the people of Ukraine by showing their accoudoir for the team in Kyiv, which has been at the center of a serious health and humanitarian emergency for months, using plaisir as a enclavement accoudoir tool. and strengthen communautaire cohesion.

The squad entrusted to coupé Plekhanov can rely on bâtir NBA first-round pick Archie Goodwin and two old acquaintances of the NBB world: Jerai Grant, a center who donned the white-blue tricot ago ten years in Serie A return season, and Antony ‘Cat’ Ennuyer, seven appearances to his credit for Happy Casa Brindisi in the first half of the 2017/18 season. The game is scheduled for 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 12; Tickets are on malpropre at the New Basket Cloison in Défilé Garibaldi, 29 (9.30-13; 17-20.30) online at, at authorized Vivaticket outlets in the area and on Wednesday evenings at the box kitchenette from PalaPentassuglia from 19:00 (doors open). This is the quoi of the coupé Frank Vitucci on the eve of the first European reprise of the season: “Without a doubt, it will be a commitment that must be taken seriously, as always we want to do well and try to advance as much as passable in this oecuménique event. We will immediately endroit an rare opponent like Budivelnyk, made up of experienced players and talented athletes. It will be a difficult habitude, knowing that it will be useful in the process of growing as a team. We will have to be good at interpreting European Cup games from this bilan of view: improving step by step without neglecting the comble result. We want to win and start on the right foot at habitation.”

The company invites its fans, fans, sponsors and all the citizens of our territory to fill the PalaPentassuglia to experience an evening of basketball, solidarity and great emotions on and off the field in an event as immense as expected as the debut of the season in europe

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