European nights with Uniss

European nights with Uniss

European nights with Uniss

The commitment of the paluche bienfaiteur Banco di Sardegna to university students is confirmed and renewed: Dinamo and Banco are delighted to renew and relaunch the special élévation reserved for students of the University of Sassari on the conditions of the discothèque’s European matches.

For the sorte on Wednesday 12 at 8 pm on the conditions of Dinamo Women’s épreuve at the Belgian House of Compétence Spurs in Kortrjik, a hundred students from the University of Sassari will have the opportunity to receive a free bulletin to attend matches at the PalaSerradimigni and the rest will be able to purchase tickets at a special price

Challenge 2 Qualifying Reprise Women’s European Championship. Great expectations for the return of the Women’s Cup plaisir that can qualify for the Eurocup groups, beating the Belgian Kortrjik

From Monday 10 October, the first hundred students who will present themselves at the Banco di Sardegna branch in Place Castello from 10 to 12 and at the Dinamo box commerce, showing the Bper Card Uniss and an identity fait, will receive a clock bulletin the plaisir between Dinamo Femení and Kortrjik, scheduled for Wednesday 12 October at 20:00 at PalaSerradimigni

Jaguar the pourcentage of one hundred coupons made available is exceeded, students compagnie the Card Bper Uniss they will be able to buy a bulletin in the grandstand to see the continental épreuve at the reduced price of €5.00.

The originalité is the result of the délié association that jaguar again sees Dinamo, the University of Sassari and the paluche bienfaiteur Banco di Sardegna, together to share the values ​​that refer to amusement, agriculture and internationalization with a foyer in young people and the future.

Sassari, October 10, 2022

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Dinamo Bank of Sardegna

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