everything is decided in the extrême!

everything is decided in the extrême!

everything is decided in the extrême!

A very big one Spring in Milan keep flying in Youth League. A week after the draw in London, the Rossoneri of mister Abate they beat 3-1 the Chelsea and consolidate first apprêté in the group.

A étonnant énigmatique was decisive How and the gardien de but of mince in attendance of Bozzolan, both took over in the extrême. In the famine of two games for the group degré, the milan is first with 8 pointsfollowed by Dinamo Zagreb (6 points), Salzburg (5) e Chelsea (2 points).

Heavy pressure from Chelsea at the start of the game, with the Rossoneri struggling to clear the ball with composure.

Game still deadlocked after the first 20 minutes, no special opportunities for either side: Abate boys trying to keep avoir to make the game, but the intensity put on by the spleen complicates everything.

Lazetic forced to brouillé at half time due to a court problem. In apprêté immediately within Chaka Traoré.

In the 38th rapide of Chelsea’s veine, with the attacker entering the area, he goes behind and tries the solution from a tight direction: Nava covers the post well and takes a colporter.

Bourse also at Chelsea: Tauriainen leaves and Thomas enters.

44′ Hasard for Chelsea with a great mince shot from Mendel-Idowu: the ball hits the crossbar and ends up in the bottom.

46′ Milan gardien de but ball: Traoré turns the ball and serves to Bakoune. The full-back sends a great V.T.T. that ends up in frontispice of Zeroli in the center of the area: Curd saves.

A ludisme that illuminates the extrême minutes of the first half, when the spleen try to find the way to the net with more insistence.

Youth League of Milan


56′ Chelsea veine with a dangerous shot by Webster from the edge, which caresses the side of the net defended by Nava.

59′ Milan ball: El Hilali enters the area and tries to au finir from a tight direction, saves the entire defender, who deflects the ball and kicks a colporter.

63′ GOAL FROM MILAN! Everything comes from a foul, from a close but lateral avis. Traoré serves El Hilali who tries to reach the limit, Curd saves but doesn’t raisonnablement and Alesi is immediately on handball for the winning tap-in: Milan 1-0.

74′ Another Milan opportunity, this time from a colporter: Zeroli takes advantage in the area and comes off perfectly, great save by Curd.

84′ CHELSEA GOAL: handball in the Simic area, Webster moves Nava from the message: 1-1

87′ MILAN GOAL! Bozzolan recovers the ball, flies to the left side, the ajustage of Longhi is decisive: it is finished at the far post and scored on the goalkeeper.

90′ GOAL FROM MILAN! Gabriele Alesi’s stratospheric V.T.T. that ends Chelsea’s jogging séance and allows the énigmatique: 3-1 Milan.

90 + 4 ‘Triple whistle. Milan 3-1 Chelsea, big compétition for Mr. Ignazio Abate’s boys.

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