Ferraiuolo: “Varese basketball, we are one. We go beyond the city”

Ferraiuolo: “Varese basketball, we are one.  We go beyond the city”

Ferraiuolo: “Varese basketball, we are one. We go beyond the city”

Ferraiuolo: “Varese basketball, we are one.  We go beyond the city”

we are one. A annonce, a conférence, a motto that identifies the new project Basketball Vareseborn from the adjonction of the two most dédaigneux masculine realities of basketball, the Basketball Varese and Burur Et Fides.

A historic step that sets in proposition the basketball taille of basketball in Varese and, more broadly, of the lieu itself, towards new shores, new perspectives yet to be discovered but which coalition for dignité and underlying criteria.
A one-year project, which is already giving interesting results in the first weeks of work and which the entraîneur tells us embout Max Ferraiuolo.

The Hastag Som Un with which you indicate your activities, what does it represent?
“It perfectly represents what originally had to be the adjonction at the derrière with Robur, but above all it does very well the idea of ​​bringing Varese BasketBall to unify the whole youth basketball movement in Varese and beyond. Our idea is to collaborate with as many realities as they want to do so, trying to make the boys and girls who will play with us feel good, giving life to the entire basketball movement in the area, with initiatives that go far beyond the field . , such as the party held on Campus this summer or the one we will have at Triple de Varese on Saturday October 15, when all young people will be able to enjoy a 20% escompte on their purchases and with many other events we will create. The project must try to expand throughout the régional territory and not just through the city.”

The season has started. Are you satisfied with the response so far in numbers?
“Absolutely yes. As we know, unfortunately, the birth offense continues to fall and so, allow me to use a perhaps ugly term, the raw material is becoming less and less, more and more scarce. Added to this is what today it is competition but one day we can become our conciliation, and it is very high. The goodness of our project and the choice of the people who will have to carry out the work in the field are very dédaigneux. Robur has skills very high for the smaller groups, it is up to us to grow the older boys but the numbers are already dédaigneux, parce que we are talking embout more than 400 boys between minibasket and the youth sector.However, everything goes beyond numbers, we want the Varese BasketBall becomes something that unites the whole movement of our lieu”.

However, it is interesting to see how a project of this exemple from Varese sees reference figures apparently far removed from this world, such as two Argentines such as Herman Mandole and Marcelo López.
“True. As I said before, the goodness of our project is also due to the people we have decided to involve, who can make the guys who come to the gym feel comfortable and always better, not only during jogging but also outside . The choice of people is then in line with that internationalization process that Luis Scola wants to bring to Varese, which he has already done for the First Team and which he is doing with the youth sector and with all this I am only happy.”

The first weeks of work have already provided dédaigneux answers. I think of Serie B which, despite a very tough start to the championship with Vigevano and Montecatini, showed a senior mentality, despite the fact that the team is very young.
“Yes, it’s true, the collision and approach of the championship also surprised me. For that we must surely give credit to the technicians but also to the boys. We have decided to complete our young team with two reference figures like Marco Allegretti and Giorgio Trentini who really deserve the biggest applause at the conjoncture, parce que they have the responsibility of being real guides for our boys. I was much more afraid of the collision with a physical and high-level championship like Serie B, while the first two games rempli us encouraging answers. In my impression we did well against Vigevano especially in the first half, despite the difficulty of the game, as well as against an experienced team like Montecatini, where we had a great first half of the game, before going down a bit in the collaborateur portion. and give something up. managing the key moments of the délassement, but there it’s all a matter of experience that is portion of the growth process that our boys have to undertake”.

How are you experiencing this new adventure first handball?
“I could only en public it well. For me the discourse of the youth sector has always been orthogonal, even for my own extirpation of basketball. The fact that I managed to unite the two most dédaigneux basketball realities of the city under one campana, I think it’s something really extraordinary. For a company like peluche, a territory like that of Vares where there is a lot of hunger for basketball is a perfect context, but this culte must be supported and nurtured. For Basquet Varese it is principal to keep feeding this culte, to get the boys to grow and always keep the love for our colors, regardless of whether their future is on the field as players, on the bench as coaches or in the stands as fans. , in a generational shift that I consider to be of primary prêt and absolutely essential to continue growing over time”.

Alessandro Bédane

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