Final deadly quarter, Mokambo Chieti falls to the PalaLeombroni in opposition to Forlì

Final deadly quarter, Mokambo Chieti falls to the PalaLeombroni in opposition to Forlì

Final deadly quarter, Mokambo Chieti falls to the PalaLeombroni in opposition to Forlì

Final deadly quarter, Mokambo Chieti falls to the PalaLeombroni in opposition to Forlì

Mokambo should give up to the expertise of Forlì.

Jackson’s 17 factors usually are not sufficient for the Theatines. For the visitors, the MVP of the night is Valentini (22 factors).

After a begin by which the defenses appear to dominate the assaults, Vrankic performs the place for his group however Valentini, confirming his state of grace, doesn’t hesitate to reply (4-4 after 3 minutes of play).
Chieti proves to be very cautious within the defensive part and, with Jackson unlocking past the arc, at 02:27 of the tip of the primary quarter the rating is 13-12.
Alibegovic’s hand shakes because the clock stops, Cinciarini punishes from past the arc and so, within the tenth, the rating is 13-15.

After the doorway of Serpilli, each assaults battle to unlock and after simply over 2 minutes of the second quarter, the rating is 15-15.
Forlì continues to have difficulties within the offensive part, Mokambo is launched with Jackson and coach Martino calls timeout at 06:48 of the tip of the quarter (17-15).
Unieuro relied on the regulars Valentini and Benvenuti as Chieti Jackson made it double with a bomb and, at 04:18 of the lengthy break, the rating was 22-20.
Chieti contact +4 with Ancellotti, Gazzotti realizes from under after a incredible move from Valentini and coach Martino, after a misplaced ball by his group, calls time-out at 01:50 of the tip of the interval .
Serpilli and Vrankic kick Chieti up +6 however Penna’s 2/2 line pushes coach Rajola right into a timeout at 00:21 left within the second quarter (28-24).
The fourth quarter-final is foolish: after one other Penna basket, a questionable contact on Reale will not be sanctioned, Unieuro notices from midfield and marches to +1, unleashing the wrath of Rajola , Jackson and companions, with a technician sanctioned by the white-reds (28-29).

Mokambo, regardless of Raivio’s basket, begins with the foot pressed on the accelerator: Ancellotti scores from under, Mastellari scores from past the arc and Vrankic goes with 2+1 (36-31 lower than 3 minutes from the resumption of the match).
Forlì’s response is offended and, after rising defensive turnovers and stress and rebounding, it reaches the center of the third fraction with +1 (36-37).
The sport is now vibrant, with each groups making an attempt to win it and, at 01:30 of the final mini-interval, Chieti goes +3 (42-39).
Radonijc’s hand doesn’t shake from the road and so we attain the final mini interval at 42-41.

The beginning of the fourth quarter is clearly Forlì’s, with Raivio and associates who, because of an unsportsmanlike booing of Alibegovic, in lower than 2 minutes attain 42-50, with coach Rajola calling for a time-out.
Mokambo tries to return again with Jackson however Forlì, on the wings of a really impressed Raivio and the same old Valentini, takes off (46-60, with Rajola asking for the penalty at 06:09 of the tip of the dispute).
Chieti tries tooth and nail to hold on to the sport and, after Jackson’s basket (49-62), it is coach Martino who calls a timeout (03:59 from the tip of the sport). Valentini and associates and so, at forty, the rating is 59-70.

Caffè Mokambo Chieti Basket 1974 – Unieuro Forlì 59-70 (13-15; 28-29; 42-41)

Caffè Mokambo Chieti Basket 1974 59: Mastellari 7, Ancellotti 7, Vrankic 11, Bartoli 8, Reale 3, Serpilli 6, Alibegovic 0, Jackson 17, Boev NE, Pichierri NE.

Unieuro Forlì 70: Gazzotti 4, Penna 6, Valentini 22, Pollone 4, Raivio 10, Benvenuti 5, Flan NE, Adian 9, Cinciarini 6, Munari NE, Radonijc 4.

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