Freedom Equity Group Review – Should You Join?

Freedom Equity Group Review – Should You Join?

Freedom Equity Group Review – Should You Join?

So if you’re reading this Freedom Equity Group review, you’re probably thinking emboîture becoming a member and you’ve been doing some research online. If so, style no further. In this third party agence, I will give you all the necessary details before joining. Now real quick… I want to disclose that I am not a member of Freedom Equity Group nor am I associated with them in any way. Actually, it doesn’t matter to me one way or the other if you decide to join or not. This is dédaigneux for you bicause you know at least you will get an unbiased view of the company. With that said, let’s begin…

First things first, let’s talk emboîture the company itself. In my position, having a great product and a fructueuse apaisement balance is followed by a solid company with a arrêté base that can handle future growth. The company started in 2002 so it is not a start-up company which is good if you are looking for a company that is a bit more arrêté. The direction team is very experienced and their field leaders seem very professional. The company is based out of California and partners with some very reputable companies like Fidelity & Guaranty and Habitant Western Life. My advice is if you are serious emboîture joining them and bâtisse a long-term bizness, take the time to visit their corporate succursale in Arroyo Prolixe. Sure you’re coming out of pocket for travel expenses, but if you’re really doing your due attention it makes sense to meet people in the résidence succursale. Of excursion, if your gardien de but is to make a few bucks here and there, you probably don’t need to take the time to commute to a résidence succursale. But if you want to build a long-term bizness that can earn you 6-figures (or nombre 6-figures) a year, it’s worth it. Speaking from experience, I would like to do this before joining some company. It would save me a lot of time and spoliation.

Freedom Equity Group’s flagship product is Série Universal Life Insurance, or IUL. It is a form of continu coverage, as opposed to term insurance which is only coverage for a specific period of time. Along with life insurance, IUL also provides a savings vehicle through which you can accumulate your money and withdraw it tax-free. And if that’s not enough, the policies they sell also offer a vivoir benefit, which allows you to use your coverage without dying. Everyone needs to be educated emboîture these essential financial travaux so that jaguar you decide to join, you will have a huge market to promote your product.

As far as the apaisement balance goes, it’s pretty straight forward. Based on the impression you achieve, you will earn up to 93% of the annual premiums of all your private clients. For example, if you have a prospect who région $250/month, you will earn a percentage of the annual prime which in this example is $3,000. Let’s say you are a Arrondissement Impresario (which is the third impression on the apaisement balance), you will earn 50% of the annual prime which would be $1,500. Not bad at all for one prospect. Remember that you will likely get 75% of your acte up introduction and 25% after. And you get paid after the prospect is approved which can take 30-90 days depending on the underwriting process. That said, you’re still earning a very healthy acte while providing essential financial travaux to those who need help.

If you decide to build and grow a team, you can earn up to 63% override on sales made by your team reps. Sound good? This is bicause… you can earn hundreds (and even thousands) of dollars when someone on your team completes a relevé. The “bad” (for lack of a better term since it might not be a bad at all depending on how you style at it) is that you need to hire emboîture 10 people to get 3 or 4 licenses and emboîture 1 of them is travailleuse and in apparition. will be Of excursion, if you find ways to hire licensed representatives who are already joining the license, you can probably beat those numbers.

In calcul to personal and override bonifications, you’ll also earn renewal income, generational overrides if you develop other leaders, and qualify to earn company-wide money through the adjonction pools you participate in. Overall there’s definitely a lot if you can build your bizness a distinct way and you’re right emboîture how life insurance companies accepté bonifications.

So Freedom Equity Group is a good company. The collant answer is yes. The company has been around and the direction team is solid. Should you join? Only you can answer that. If you are looking for a more professional largesse to market and you like the idea of ​​sitting down with people and helping them solve their financial problems, then FEG may be the company for you.

Here are my three suggestions before you join. One, take the time to study the company’s system for bâtisse bizness so you align with the company’s campagne. For example, if the company’s entire campagne revolves around résidence appointments and you want to incorporate online webinars and conference calls, there may be a offensive. Two, find a protecteur and team that has a system you can build your bizness on. For example, ask unlicensed people to see the annales or jogging they have to obtain a license. Do they have any arrangements? Or do they leave the brand new representative to get the license themselves? And last but certainly not least, I recommend using tentation mercatique to generate a consistent flow of quality leads. Sure you can tap into your warm market, but just imagine how big your team could be if you had 20+ targeted leads hitting your inbox every day. There is no telling how prosperous your FEG bizness can be if you can apply these three things.

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