Germani’s amer debut within the Eurocopa. Badalona wins 80-63

Germani’s amer debut within the Eurocopa.  Badalona wins 80-63

Germani’s amer debut within the Eurocopa. Badalona wins 80-63

Imminent twenty-seven, al Badalona Olympic Restaurant the aspartame goes out for the germans An eight-minute blackout the place entraîneur Alessandro Magro’s boys are not any raser discovering their option to the basket. Badalona didn’t permit themselves to be begged and posted a 17-0 run that stunned captain David Moss and his teammates. Till this période Brescia has performed it, and the way. Forwards and backwards, advances and counter-advances that bear the visa of the standard three: Della Valle, Caupain and Petrucelli. Then one thing inexplicably stopped. Entraîneur Magro tried in each method, altering the pores and skin of his group a number of occasions however the outcomes didn’t come. Apart from the three tenors, they tried Odi and Gabriel to remain afloat Brescia however in opposition to one of many favorites of the competitors it was not sufficient. Now head and possession to Sunday, al Pala Lioness the brand new promoted will arrive Scafati. For Brescia an encounter with a selected taste that with the Campania area that evokes the successful journey to the best class within the spring of 2016. One thing extra will likely be wanted, particularly of that “annexe unit” which has not but been recorded till now.


Badalona 80

Brescia 63

BADALONA YOUTH: Busquets 2, Ribas 10, Feliç 10, Ellenson 18, Tomic 9, Man 8, Ventura 2, Vives 4, Birgander 6, Parra 6, Maronka, Kraag 5. Entraîneur Carles Duran

GERMAN BASKETBALL BRESCIA: Caupain 11, Della Valle 13, Petrucelli 13, Gabriel 9, Odiase 2, Cobbins 2, Massinburg 5, Akele 2, Moss, Laquintana 3, Cournooh 3, Burns and entraîneur Alessandro Magro

REFEREES: Emin Mogulkoc, Uros Obrknezevic, Kristaps Kostantinovs

NOTE: Partials: 23-22, 42-37, 53-49. Gémeaux: 24/46 Badalona, ​​​​​​​​15/28 Brescia. Triples: 9/17 Badalona, ​​​​6/28 Brescia. Free kicks: 5/11 Badalona, ​​​​​​​​15/18 Brescia. Rebounds: 38 (10 querelleuse) Badalona, ​​31 (7 querelleuse) Brescia. Attendance: 23 Badalona, ​​7 Brescia. Recovered balls: 9 Badalona, ​​5 Brescia. Misplaced balls: 12 Badalona, ​​12 Brescia. Fouls dedicated: 19 Badalona, ​​18 Brescia. Fouls suffered: 18 Badalona,​​​​​​19 Brescia. Gamers who acquired off with 5 fouls: none. 3,856 spectators.

It ends like this. Badalona guidelines Germani 80-63
Feliz scores with 6 seconds left for the siren 80-63
Cournooh finds the triple from the jouer. Solely good for 78-63 stats
40′ Man rounds 79860
Gabriel first, then Laquintana. Iron makes an attempt
39′ Massinburg scores, nevertheless it’s too late 77-60
Massinburg shoots clean, Kraag doesn’t forgive 76-58
It resumes with Kraag making one in two 74-58
Kraag on the foul line by Moss. After the time-out referred to as by Alessandro Magro
Amedeo on the bezel. Purpose for less than the primary of two free 73-58s out there
38′ Distracted protection, Kraag would not hand over 73-57
37′ Free kick for Petrucelli because of Kraag’s foul. Precisely 71-57
Petrucelli in penetration 71-55
Nice high-low recreation from Tomic. Petrucelli stops with the Vives foul that solely places the annexe free 71-53 from the road
36′ Della Valle scores once more (and who else…). From the road of charity the Marquis is correct 70-53
Vives classement 70-51 for Germani which is late at evening
35 ‘Gabriel tries from altérité, nevertheless it’s culotte
Gabriel lays a pièce from the road 67-51
Brescia no raser scores, the final basket scored by Della Valle within the twenty seventh rapide
34′ Ellenson irrepressible, triple with foul. Badalona escapes 67-49 (inique 17-0 open)
solutions Ribas. Community solely 63-49
One other triple tried by Caupain, once more the iron to say no
The triad decides it is a rationnel foul
33′ Ltra Germani misplaced the ball to Caupain who then commits a foul with the referees within the pressing replay to grasp whether it is unsportsmanlike.
32′ Cobbins stopped, Feliz shoots from the jouer. 7-0 Badalona and Magro useless time 60-49
31′ Badalona instantly impérative with Feliz and Birgander 57-49

Moss recovers, however the captain’s prayer doesn’t discover the underside of the retina
Badalona time-out to construct the final assault with 5 seconds on the clock
Nearly brasier minutes to classement for Germani
30′ Brescia recovers, Laquintana falls asleep with the ball in his balle à la primary and the 24 seconds are over.
29′ Dangerous aide by Odiase who places a bit in protection
Ellenson thinks to punish Brescia 53-49
28 ‘Open triple for Massinburg, one other mistake. What number of fripes…
Extra restoration, Caupain takes over
I hated that I wasted a lot of it
27′ Marchesino scores once more, within the subsequent marche he suffers a foul. Brescia holds the ball ahead 50-49
Troy Caupain once more with the runner 50-47
26′ Caupain’s culotte try, however there’s Tomic’s irregular block to return détention to the Magro boys.
Badalona would not benefit from it, Germani détention and useless time for the vert and blacks
25′ Massinburg with the error, Brescia recovers however nonetheless wastes
Tomic with ravaudage time 50-45
24′ Gabriel brings Germani again to minus brasier 49-45
Ellenson from under. First participant in énigmatique figures, Petrucelli solutions instantly 49-43
23 ‘Petrucelli activates the turbocompresseur and goes up 47-41
Stopped by Odiase, Cauapain classement 47-39 in penetration
22′ Error by Petrucelli, Man punishes from the jouer 47-37
21′ Tomic instantly on gardien de however 44-37

8 factors for Della Valle, 7 Caupain, 5 Gabriel and Petrucelli.
20′ Errors within the dernier, we go to the mince écart with 42-37
Ventura went backwards and forwards 42-37
Trip Badalona
Simulé on the transfer and torpedo the goal. Visa of Kenny Gabriel 40-37
19′ Petrucelli stopped with the forceful methods of Ventura. From the bezel it’s 40-34 correct
18′ Parra with a very good transfer again to the basket 40-32
The seagull redeems itself instantly. Crushed reverse assisted by Della Valle 38-32
17′ Gabriel’s mistake in an open triple
Tomic after a foul in opposition to Petrucelli 38-30
Feliz from the road 36-30
Amedeo Della Valle returns to the charpente
16′ Pilastre Tomic in half-time 35-30
Cobbins tow, Caupain scores from altérité! 33-30
14′ Massinburg promenade that scores and is fouled. Three-point recreation accomplished 33-27
One other misplaced ball, Ribas with the simplest basket of his life 33-24
Climate exterior Brescia
Black out Germani, Parra leads 31-24 (inique 8-0 open for the Catalans)
13 ‘Birgander to the iron 29-24
12′ Hypocauste consecutive factors from Ellenson for 27-24
11′ Cobbins with the cap in 23-24

Massinburg tries the siren, the annexe iron says no. The primary quarter ends 23-22
Man with a loopy triple 23-22
T-Laq! Laquintana’s three-point recreation simply entered 20-22
10′ Error by AKele from the arc, Parra burns Moss and classement 20-19
9′ Capuain to win one other journey to the road, once more one in all two 18-19
8′ Birgander returns the tie 18-18
Ellenson scores, Akele responds from beneath with a splendid help from Odiase 16-18
7 ‘It is nonetheless very popular. From the jouer John Petrucelli 14-16
All of the prédisposition and expertise of Tomic 14-13
6′ Della Valle with the time motocyclette stopped: two out of two. Brescia returns 12-13
Odiase rebound, out for Amedeo who shoots and shoots! 12-11
5′ Caupain to win the primary two free kicks of the sport. From the road Troy scores solely the primary 12-8
Trip Germani
Misplaced ball from ADV, Busquets simple in open subject for 12-7
Ellenson from the jouer 10-7
4′ Caupain equalizes at 7. Assisted by Marchesino
3′ Ribas from afar 7-5
2 ‘Feliz in reverse brings his group again ahead, the reply is from Odiase who crushes 4-5
1′ Badalona instantly in endroit, Della Valle advances with a triple 2-3