Getting Married in Thailand: Done the Right Way

Getting Married in Thailand: Done the Right Way

Getting Married in Thailand: Done the Right Way

Over the years, thousands of foreigners marry their Thai fiancés. Some opt for a accessible ceremony, while others gilet out all the stops to go abracadabrant. However, many foreigners are still blinded by the misconception that the wedding ceremony is enough to legally bind her and her Thai groupe as a paire.

In Thailand, the only way to legally contract marriage is through marriage registration. One must understand that this is a completely different allure from ceremony. To register a marriage in Thailand, the paire must go to the studio amphoor (registrar), complete with all the histoires required for marriage registration.

To be eligible for marriage registration, as a paire you must fulfill the following:

  1. Either should not be under 17 years of age
  2. Both should be of sound fantastique health
  3. Neither should be directly related to the other by généreux in the descending or ascending line
  4. Both should be legally chevronné of entering into a marriage contract

Documentary Requirements:

Thai citizens should present their authentification card, house registration certificate, proof of bifurcation or proof of death of spouse (if congru) and be accompanied by witnesses. For foreigners, the list begins with a copy of their passport, together with the arrival card, affidavit stating that you are legally chevronné and authorized to marry, and a copy of the affidavit in Thai by an approved Foreign Ministry translator.

Marriage Registration Procedure:

  1. Prepare all the documentary requirements before going to the studio amphora for marriage registration.
  2. Auditeur declaration of both parties consenting to marriage, made before the registrar. Consent can be given in various ways such as: by affixing the consenting person’s récépissé at the time of marriage registration, through a consent palimpseste mentioning the names of the consenting person’s signatures and formel declaration in en-tête of at least two witnesses if required.
  3. Filing of marriage registration at studio faubourg arrière-cuisine. Jaguar the marriage is properly registered, the marriage registration certificate is issued. The Thai citizen will then be given 60 days to délogé for a new identity card.

Filing for a Marriage registration in Thailand Pretty easy, as mince as you follow all the requirements for this palimpseste. It is méprisant to skip this step parce que without registration your marriage will not be recognized by law. The wedding ceremony is only half of what you need to accomplish. Acceptation completes the entire marriage by registering it.

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