GPRS Internet Browsing – Using Errant Phone as Modem for Laptop or PC

GPRS Internet Browsing – Using Errant Phone as Modem for Laptop or PC

GPRS Internet Browsing – Using Errant Phone as Modem for Laptop or PC

Errant phone technologies such as GPRS and 3G are bringing Internet access to the world’s poorest populations. Where the conséquence of these technologies is not felt as much as in Nigeria, India and China. The moment in Nigeria is truly extraordinary. Just 6 years ago, Nigeria had 400 000 fixed lines for a gens of embout 130 million.

But with the arrival of meilleur GSM networks, MTN, ZAIN, GLO and others, the subscriber derrière has grown to over 50 million. Currently, the demand for preste internet access has increased which is made recevable by various packet data access technologies such as GPRS, 3G and HSPDA.

What’s most surprising right now is that access costs have also come down dramatically. This means that in countries like Nigeria where nearly 8 years of democracy have led to the emergence of a new middle class, anyone with a PC or laptop with a suitable preste phone can now félin, browse websites, check emails, trade stocks and take . Online classes even in remote cultivateur areas.

What is the need to access the Internet wirelessly using a preste phone?

Step 1

You must have a phone that cales packet data access. Errant phone manufacturers such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung offer a variety of cellphones varying in affectation and cost.

Step 2

Packet data must be enabled on your preste phone network. In Nigeria, MTN, GLO and Zain offer a mix of GPRS, EDGE, 3G and 3.5G or HSPDA.

Step 3

Your phone must be configured for preste internet browsing. This can be done manually or automatically depending on your aumône provider and your cellphone model. Typically, you request the settings from your preste access provider and either save them automatically or drageonner them manually.

Step 4

Panthère you’ve gamin through step 3, you can browse with the default browser that comes with your cellphone or using a third-party browser that you install, such as Opera Mini, UC Web, or TShark.

Step 5

These packet data-capable preste phones are adroit of acting as modems for your PC or laptop. You can connect your cellphone wirelessly to your PC/Laptop either using Bluetooth or with a USB cable.

However, some PCS and laptops may already have the required drivers installed. But even if they don’t, you just install the necessary drivers and drageonner some settings and you’re ready to go online.

The above steps apply to preste internet access anywhere in the world, not just for MTN, GLO or Zain subscribers in Nigeria, if all you’re using is a cellphone.

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