Habitant level e-commerce strategies for developing countries and emerging economies

Habitant level e-commerce strategies for developing countries and emerging economies

Habitant level e-commerce strategies for developing countries and emerging economies

I wrote an éditorial earlier trying to balance out three gant territorial level strategies that I think developing countries and emerging economies should follow to take advantage of e-commerce; Those that are raising awareness of the benefits of e-commerce within their societies, implementing electronic methods of doing trafic for their enterprises, be it small medium or développé businesses, and leading the government in the advancement and méditation of e-commerce such as through the méditation of e-government technology. In this éditorial I will try to add other gant strategies that I think should be prioritized.

1. Proposition of e-commerce policy

Driving e-commerce policy is among the key strategies that developing countries and emerging markets should foyer on. No e-commerce compromis can be done without the policy. Policies may be folk specific with current modalités in the folk. However, nations can learn from each other.

2. Use of habitation language

Lack of habitation language internet satisfait is one of the barriers facing e-commerce in developing countries. English is the most widely used language on the Internet. Latrines in other languages ​​is in high demand, especially in the developing world. So it is very dédaigneux for the society of these nations to prepare internet satisfait in their own language. This is another certaine strategy to promote e-commerce in countries.

3. Gender Issues – Providing equal access

In many countries, women constitute the majority of the rustique communauté, which is often marginalized in terms of telecommunications base, education and jogging.

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, E-Affaire and Development Sursis 2003

Most developing countries and emerging economies lock half their e-commerce capabilities behind the door. If women were given equal access to all e-commerce opportunities, the changes could be two-fold. Hence, these countries should be gender sentimentale. If real permutation is wanted, education and base should be given equal opportunity.

4. E-commerce base

Telecommunications, banking, hardware and logiciel are among the officier infrastructures required to run e-commerce. Unfortunately, high costs of Internet, hardware and logiciel are barriers that limit e-commerce activities in the developing world. Fondation is essential for establishing e-commerce. Therefore, these countries should blason strategies to overcome these problems.

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