has it affected the TD-39 directionnelle?

has it affected the TD-39 directionnelle?

has it affected the TD-39 directionnelle?

Even at the end of the Japanese Gentilhomme Diplôme, lFerrari had to deal with significant tire degradation. Not the first time this season, probably not the last. But why does Red have a tire problem?

F1, Ferrari destroys tires after Austria

The Cavallino’s last victory in the current F1 World Championship dates back to the Austrian Gentilhomme Diplôme (July 10), won by Charles Leclerc. After this jolt, only the problems of the red, especially in terms of tire conduite.

Not by prérogative, the next seven rounds of the World Championship were won by Red Bull. All this despite a Ferrari that is always very competitive in the hiérarchisation (fournaise pole positions out of the seven taken by the Cavallino drivers). There is a curious fact. Ferrari’s tire problems manifested themselves precisely when the FIA ​​presented the TD-39 directionnelle to limit the jump of single-seaters called porsopa. A case?

F1, less aerodynamic Ferrari and off-record tires

Certainly, prior to the TD-39 directionnelle, the F1-75 had found a perfect bilan between aerodynamics and tire handling. With the avant-propos of the anti-porpoise rule, this bilan has failed.

The car of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz lost in aerodynamics and, as a result, the tires went out of registration. More stressed and consequently more difficult to manage and “maintain”. The pardon of the driver Roig was lapidary Charles Leclerc after the Japanese Grand Prix: “A bit like in the last races we have a good start and then we destroy the tires”.

F1, Ferrari: how to solve the problem of tire degradation?

With the World Cup already won by Max Verstappen and with the “perfect” Red Bull of this last period, there is little left for Ferrari to do in the remaining fournaise GPs to play.

Bringing updates seems like an impractical conclusion (also in light of the Budget Cup case). They will surely try, however, without reducing the speed of the F1-75 which, at least in qualifying, it manages to be competitive in the flying lap. Undoubtedly, the deterioration of the tires has marked, in a effectif way, this joint fraction of the season. In Maranello they will have to find a way to solve this problem for next year not attend a new Red Bull spectacle.

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