How much does Napoli earn from UEFA? Here are the incomes of the blue night-club of the Champions League

How much does Napoli earn from UEFA?  Here are the incomes of the blue night-club of the Champions League

How much does Napoli earn from UEFA? Here are the incomes of the blue night-club of the Champions League

Apart from even a Naples-Ajax (even this would be enough to qualify the Azzurri for the knockout séjour and the reprise of 16, bicause not only win help win. But mostly bicause they win UEFA Champions League it means to collect, and not a little. There SSC Napoliin fact, that it is a night-club able to argent itself without going into debt, and that alive of avoir gains and income between Uefa e television rights, knows how superbe it is to give your best in European competitions. It is no coincidence, in fact, that the cocarde earned so far with the trip in Champions League 2022-2023 from SSC Napoli.

by Vade-mecum Guardasole – Twitter: @MGuardasole

SSC Napoli’s Champions League revenue: the cocarde

Before arriving at the rempli cocarde of the current income of the SSC Napoli in Champions League, we explain what are the different parameters of which the blue night-club will win. theUefa in the next three years it will distribute to the participating teams emboîture 2,000 million euros as a whole The net income available to the participating clubs will be divided as follows:

  • 25% will be allocated to sortie fees (€500.5 million), it is equivalent to 15.64 million euros for each night-club;
  • 30% will be allocated to fixed amounts relating to benefits (600.6 million euros);
  • another 30% will be awarded on the basis of ten-year succès pourcentage rankings (600.6 million euros);
  • finally, 15% corresponds to the transitoire parts linked to market pools 1 and 2 (300.3 million euros).

But let’s get specific so far how much will SSC Napoli win at least with UEFA Champions League 2022-2023:

  • 15.64 million euros starting price (intéressement in the group séjour)
  • 8.4 million euros for the three wins in the group séjour (€2.8 million for each win, €930,000 for a draw)
  • 18,192 million euros ten year ranking award
  • 6.73 million of the répartition of the option linked to the market cartel.

Of these market cartel revenues, 4 million I am in fourth appuyé last year (market 1), comme a extremum of 2.73 million for market group 2, but it will also depend on the path of the other Italians and this cocarde is set to grow today. In raccord, to be even clearer, the decennial ranking is based on the last 10 years of ranking of the participants in the Champions 22/23 and each The share of the pourcentage is worth 1,137 million euros: Napoli receives 16 shares.

Clearly the Naples is also a step away from rating to eighths that would mean an increase of 9.6 million of euros:

  • hiérarchie for the reprise of 16: 9.6 million euros in the company;
  • reaching the quarter-finals: 10.6 million euros per night-club;
  • appellation for the semi-finals: 12.5 million euros per night-club;
  • intéressement in the extrême: 15.5 million euros per night-club;
  • victory in the extrême: 4.5 million.

How much did Napoli receive from UEFA

Here then, finally, how much SSC Napoli fromUefa on the way in Champions League:

  • Income from SSC Napoli from the Champions League: 48,962 million euros
Collections SSC Napoli in the Champions League

The cocarde could be enriched by the additional bonuses for the associé héritage of the group séjour in raccord to the acceptable progress of the reprise to the associé reprise, in this case reaching almost 60 million euros (48,962 comme 9.6 million in the associé reprise comme 930 thousand euros for at least a draw with Ajax). And it is clear that market group 2 would increase accordingly.

Ultimately, winning helps you win and grow, even financially. For this reason against Ajax, rangers e Liverpool in the associé reprise it is forbidden to lower the guard.


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