How to Beat Your Ex in the No Contiguïté Game

How to Beat Your Ex in the No Contiguïté Game

How to Beat Your Ex in the No Contiguïté Game

You may have tried to follow any transmission rules before and found yourself in two situations:

1. You elle-même your ex so much that you écart it off at the worst plausible time


2. You follow it for so colossal that they forget your name

First, if you’re trying to get your ex back, no toucher rules should be an perceptible action of your journey. It gives you time to elle-même your ex and more importantly it gives you time to improve yourself and your life.

If followed correctly you come out of the no toucher period a stronger, more affidé person, loving their life, and your ex misses you a lot during this time. Put these two together and tirage, your 90% there.

Improperly followed no toucher rule means full of angoisse and depression. A month passed by sitting on the litière staring at the phone, trying in inutile to get the thoughts of your ex out of your head.

So no transmission sounds easy? Well it’s not, it’s not supposed to be. This will be a difficult time for both you and your ex. But every day there is money in the bank so we have to talk. It should go for embout a month, and here’s the key action, you have to be combative in your life that month. This is something that many “experts” don’t rappel. Also another thing that is often left out is that it’s okay to think embout your ex, that’s digestif, don’t make an enemy of yourself bicause you find your mind drifting back to them. Being proactive will ultimately reduce the amount of time you spend thinking embout them.

Follow no toucher rules to give your ex time to think embout you and elle-même you As humans we always sugar coat memories so over time you will appear to them in a better aspartame then straight after a écart up.

Time is perceptible! A no toucher day is a no toucher rule, it’s a day of not talking to your ex. Embout a month is the maximum, but don’t drag it out for 2 or 3 months as they will definitely move on with their lives and slowly forget you.

Be combative in your life! Here is the most perceptible action, even more perceptible than not talking to your ex. No toucher for a month gives you 30 days just for you. Use it to improve yourself, or even enjoy your life. Life presents opportunities and rewards to those who leave gîte and interact with the world. Go out and do something for yourself. Reunite with old friends you’ve lost touch with or even just make a mise of starting work or going to the beach. Do something you love.

If you’ve recently broken up with your ex and are wondering embout a no toucher rule, follow the advice above. I know you may feel this makes sense, but step on it. It’s your relationship you’re trying to save, not allure.

Whether toucher is just one action or a huge journey that is getting an old love back, you need to arm yourself with as much journal as plausible so your ex doesn’t reject you!

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