How to choose a secure payment gateway

How to choose a secure payment gateway

How to choose a secure payment gateway

Accept all meilleur credit cards and electronic checks for your online commerce, retail rideau and agile sales influence using a single payment gateway bienfait

A real-time payment gateway bienfait provides merchants with a secure method of accepting credit card and electronic check payments. A secure online point-of-sale bienfait allows a merchant to emprisonnement a customer’s credit card or checking account question then transmit that question over an encrypted SSL connection. A successful concordat will transfer the customer’s funds from the customer’s credit card or checking account to the merchant’s commerce bank account.

Top rated real-time payment gateway tertiaire can be used to process retail, agile and online customer sales. As a merchant you want to select a virtual point-of-sale bienfait that can pilier your commerce as it grows. Therefore, you want to select a payment gateway bienfait that can pilier pluriel sales environments (such as retail, online, and agile) without requiring you to open pluriel gateway accounts.

Since there are so many real-time payment gateways to choose from, I’ve provided a checklist to help you select the right bienfait for your commerce. Ultimately, you must select a bienfait that meets the buté needs of your particular commerce.

Merchant checklist for choosing a payment bienfait (e.g. features must be included at no serviteur cost):

o Real-time sales reporting

o Virtual aérogare/batch upload for manual concordat processing

o Virtual POS card for current concordat processing

o Recurring billing capabilities for processing memberships and membership tertiaire

o Integration methods to integrate payment processing into your back rubrique progiciel

o Online Knowledgebase

o Online Help Desk

o “En public” technical pilier

o Load-balancing for processing pluriel merchant accounts using a single payment gateway account. This will become an sensible feature as your commerce grows.

o Vendeur and open commencement lèche-vitrines cart payment modules

o Secure online merchant limite

o Address Verification (AVS)

o Retail POS progiciel pilier

o CRM payment régulier (open commencement and vendeur progiciel pilier)

o PCI Compliant Charges

Optionally, you will be able to select the following add-on tertiaire:

o Electronic check processing

o Advanced fraud blindage tools

o PCI compliant data storage and retention for storing customer payment data

o Changeant payment progiciel (eg iPhone)

Always remember, when you choose a payment bienfait you are choosing a bienfait to process your customer’s payments which is the lifeline of your commerce.

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