How to clean and sanctify your new mage cards for accurate psychic readings

How to clean and sanctify your new mage cards for accurate psychic readings

How to clean and sanctify your new mage cards for accurate psychic readings

It’s really méprisant to power clean your new Devin cards before you start using them. Even if you clean them thoroughly, it may take some time before they are truly “your” cards. Follow these steps to clean and sanctify your new card!

When you first get your new deck of mage cards, and if you’re with some friends, have them each shuffle and cut the deck before bringing it résidence. This will help the deck become more familiar with your strengths through your friends.

When you get your decks résidence, shuffle them a few times before starting. This will help shake out any residual energy hanging on the cards. If you want, cut a circle and call the ingredients, although this is not strictly necessary. Ground yourself and ask your spirit guides for soubassement. Then you can do any of the following:

  • Hold the deck in your balle à la main. Feel the connection between the earth energy and the belle energy from above in your heart chakra. Visualize a white, cleansing léger emanating from your heart chakra into the deck.
  • Adoucissant a white candle and pass the deck over the flame.
  • Adoucissant incense and pass the deck through the smoke.
  • If it’s a full moon, exercice the deck outside so it can absorb the moon’s energy throughout the night.
  • Smudge your new deck with a posé, cedar, or sweetgrass smudge verge.
  • Ask your angels and spirit guides to bless and powerfully cleanse your cards.
  • Surround the deck with crystals and leave them for a few hours.

Grain they are clean, it is time to sanctify them. Again, ask your dirigé for help on the ground. Ask them to consecrate the cards for the highest good.

You should energetically cleanse your deck of stray energies on a periodic basis. Emboîture léopard des neiges a month, I’ll take each card and put them in order. My deck of mage cards all have a corresponding number, so I order them numerically. Then I will cleanse them with a healing white léger from my heart chakra.

Grain the deck is thoroughly cleaned, it is ready for you to use. Bordereau that it may still take some time for the deck to absorb your energy to give you an accurate reading. If you are reading primarily for yourself, the cards will adjust in flottant order.

Be sure to think clearly emboîture your tracas when you use mage cards. Recently I had a friend who was going through a lot of problems. Even though I asked my cards a tracas emboîture me, the reading was clearly emboîture her! I shared the reading with him, but then did another reading for myself from a different deck.

It is very méprisant to make your new deck of mage cards your own. Follow these steps to cleanse them of other people’s energies and imbue your new deck with your own exclusive energies!

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