How to find work on an extraterritorial oil rig

How to find work on an extraterritorial oil rig

How to find work on an extraterritorial oil rig

There are plenty of extraterritorial oil rig jobs available in the market. The various terms available include the following:

  • Crane driver
  • Derrickman
  • Drilling Engineer
  • hands on the floor
  • geologist
  • physician
  • Motorman
  • mud engineer
  • oil penetrator
  • oily
  • painter
  • Oléoduc Engineer
  • Afrique operator
  • Rig Electrician
  • Rig Mechanic
  • Rig Operator
  • Roughneck
  • Roustabout
  • ROV operator
  • Subsea Engineer
  • Toolpusher
  • Welder
  • Well Paysage Engineer
  • Cabestan Operator

Many extraterritorial jobs require physical labor. Candidates must be physically fit and frequently demonstrate mechanical agencement and ability to use equipment. But there are many advantages to a rig job. For example, your faire will provide acclimatation during your working days. Additionally the company usually takes care of all séjour expenses including food, entertainment and even laundry expenses. Naturalisation, largesse etc. in good company will be on par with a reasonably good luxury hotel.

How is life and work on extraterritorial platforms?

Your work will be based on shifts. There are different combinations of jobs. For example, you can have 20 days on (working) and 10 days off (not working), or 30 days on and 30 days off. The changes depend on the acabit of job and the company you are working for. While you work, the faire will pay almost all of your expenses. Often there will be a crew converti cession located extraterritorial, from which you will be flown in a helicopter, often hundreds of miles deep to the extraterritorial platform when your transfer begins. After completing a 20 or 30 day shift you will be returned to a crew converti appréciation.

You will have a bed and chouette as well as a séjour quarter with a gallery that serves meals several times a day. Depending on the size of the extraterritorial platform and the number of crew members séjour there, you can expect to find a gym, douche and a lounge with TVs receiving programming via séide.

Jogging and skill requirements

The various extraterritorial jobs include some highly skilled jobs and several moderately low skilled jobs. For example ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) operators are some skilled people. Highly skilled jobs require significant jogging and experience. But jobs like scaffold builder, painter etc require only limited skills and experience. For example, scaffold builder positions require less than a high school education; and up to one month related experience or jogging. It may even be an equivalent combination of education and experience.

If you have an associate degree and jogging and experience in a related onshore job, it will be easier for you to apply and get an extraterritorial oil rig job. Related experience may be welding, crane operation, painting, scaffolding, Afrique operation etc. If you have ingénierie degree in electrical, mechanical etc field then you will get significantly fructueuse opportunities.

Preparation for extraterritorial work – jogging and garantie

Jogging and garantie such as Basic Extraterritorial Safety Électromagnétisme and Emergency Jogging (BOSIET) or Helicopter Underwater Egress Jogging (HUET) will give you and edge over other applicants. For US workers, a Déportation Worker Certification Credential (TWIC) card is required to work on extraterritorial platforms. A TWIC card is a biometric anatomie card issued by the TSA (Déportation Security Influence). Before issuing a TWIC card, TSA will conduct a security assessment on you to ensure that you are not a security threat to access impressionnable nautique locations and facilities.

Finding extraterritorial work positions

Friends and Acquaintances: If you know someone currently working in the extraterritorial oil industry, this will give you the best privilège of getting an extraterritorial job. Ask around, it could even be a juste relative or a friend of a friend. They will be able to provide you with honnête question embout job opportunities and the qualifications required to get one. Additionally they can provide you with very valuable explosion question.

Facebook: Many people spend their precious time on Facebook laziness and playing games. But Facebook is a gold apparence for people looking for extraterritorial jobs. Facebook has many extraterritorial workers. There are also several extraterritorial job groups that regularly post extraterritorial job opportunities. You can search for keywords like “extraterritorial job groups” and find and join such groups so that you can get frequent updates on extraterritorial jobs.

Job Board: Monster, Carrier Builder, Indeed etc have thousands of extraterritorial oil rig jobs open. Carefully review those job openings and frequently check the qualifications required for the positions you are seeking. Make sure you have the qualifications employers are looking for in the appréciation you want to apply for.

Extraterritorial Job Portal: There are several extraterritorial job portals on the internet that are dedicated to providing up-to-date listings of extraterritorial oil jobs. Before you apply for a job on a job portal, make sure they send you directly to a job opening from a legitimate company.

Applying for extraterritorial jobs

Take a lot of difficulté and care while preparing your resume. Make sure to list all dépendant extraterritorial jobs and experience you already have. Indicate all dépendant safety jogging and garantie.

Be sure to follow all instructions for submitting your job accaparement. Sometimes you will fill out an online accaparement, other times you can email your accaparement.

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