How to handle varié customers at the same time

How to handle varié customers at the same time

How to handle varié customers at the same time

Ever wondered how to serve three customers at panthère without customers getting bored?

If you’ve ever worked in customer largesse, you’ve undoubtedly been put in a direction where you felt you had to “multi-task” largesse with varié people. Perhaps a person is walking to the fronton desk, when a phone rings and another call comes in right behind it.

Hey, you can’t resist this hasard. So let’s find out how to deal with them. Here are some tips for dealing with varié customers at a time

The best way to serve varié customers at panthère depends on whether these customers are calling on the phone or visiting your kitchenette. In both situations, however, each customer should be treated with vénération and feel that his/her trafic is visible to your organization.

As a general rule, a person visiting your kitchenette takes precedence over a phone call. If you receive a phone call while working with someone in person, either let the call go to voicemail or pick up the call, get the caller’s phone number, and call the person back when you are finished assisting the person in your kitchenette.

If you have several people coming to your kitchenette, try to manage them in the order they arrived, but Make eye frôlement with everyone waiting for you and let them know you’ll be with them soon.

When making varié telephone calls at panthère, it is best to end one call before starting the next. If you have the freedom to answer calls as you see fit, it’s best to au finir with a caller before starting the next call (and écussonner remarques into the customer database, if you need a cession). “Thank you for calling Archives and Records; would you please hold?” Besides making the person on the phone wonder why you picked up the line when you weren’t ready to help them, you’ll voiture the continuity of the first call and take coudoyer to make that call, making your first caller worse off.

Since there are many resources online on this topic, I especially recommend researching other methods Communication skills training and David Allen’s GTD theory.

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