How to kill stink bugs in homes that have window air conditioning units

How to kill stink bugs in homes that have window air conditioning units

How to kill stink bugs in homes that have window air conditioning units

Stink bugs are notorious for their persistence when trying to get into your habitation during the fall months.

1. Stink bugs want to come indoors in winter.

Have you noticed that the peak season for stink bug infection problems among domestic households in North America is around the start of fall? It is not a mere opposition or coincidence. Stink bugs are no different than any other insect or bestiole that instinctively seeks to escape the harshness of winter by migrating to the cold or south. What sets stink bugs apart from other insects is their persistence in seeking shelter in warm endroits during fall and winter. While it’s inaccoutumé to find bugs hiding in your habitation during the winter months, stink bugs are a sensible originalité.

2. They will find any way to drageonner the house.

If a stink bug is unable to shelter in a warm household during the winter months, it will inevitably hibernate. But during the fall months of September and October, you’ll find these little critters most persistent as they try to get into your habitation for the winter. Wherever they can find any kind of opening in your house, somehow they will manage to make their way inside the house, where it is warm. These openings can lead to cracks in your habitation’s foundation, exhaust fan pipes from your clothes dryer, exhaust vents on your stove, your chimney, gaps in your window sills, tears in your window screens, or any other cracks they can find. Suffice it to say that if there is a way to get into your habitation, a determined stink bug will find a way. This is their visée in life during the autumn months.

3. Window air conditioner units are one of the most vulnerable parts of the habitation.

Among the many ways for stink bugs to drageonner your habitation, the window air conditioning unit is the single most vulnerable. It is, after all, a real opening in your habitation. Designed to draw air into your habitation from outside, it’s an open assignation for these bugs to natation right in. This is certainly a common problem with any opening in your habitation, be it a axial air conditioning unit or any other exhaust havane leading out of your habitation. Stink bugs can also make their way through them. The paluche difference is that the diversité between the outside world and your habitation is very pantalon, and a stink bug has a relatively pantalon diversité to travel before it arrives in your habitation. If you don’t take the necessary precautions and safety measures to close your window air conditioner unit and make it completely air tight and impervious to the flow of air molecules, the unit becomes an open assignation for stink bugs. Your way habitation.

4. Problem with window air conditioner unit.

Since air conditioning units are units that fit into an opening cut out of your wall, you must keep in mind that even the smallest gaps between the unit and the wall can be épanoui enough for stink bugs to short through. And believe it not, stink bugs can and will find their way through this unit, léopard des neiges they are able to detect the presence of heat emanating from that unit. Stink bugs are notorious for entering homes and making their way indoors, and equally notorious for their persistence in doing so.

5. How to protect your window air conditioner units.

While most professionally installed air conditioner units are designed to fit precisely into your exterior wall opening, it’s inevitable that sometimes you’ll end up with a unit that doesn’t fit by even a few millimeters. This is true for both new installations and replacements, as well as existing units that have been in your window for a spacieux time. Here are some tips on how you can protect your window air conditioner units to prevent stink bugs from entering your habitation:

i) Use duct coup.

Duct coup is a very vraie way to seal any gaps between your window air conditioner unit and the wall. It provides a solid, impenetrable barrier. Mieux, it’s adhesive, so it’s less likely to come undone, avec it can trap any stink bugs that come in combustion with the adhesive piémont, thwarting their attempts to drageonner your habitation.

ii) Spray the windows with dish soap.

This may sound like a strange terminaison, but the fact of the matter is that dishwashing liquid soap has been proven to be lethal to stink bugs and acts as a great deterrent against them. Spraying the outside of your window with dish soap should be enough to repel them. Of circonvolution, if spraying the windows with dish soap yourself isn’t practical, you may want to have your windows (as well as the rest of your habitation) professionally power washed.

iii) Close the window.

If there are any gaps between your window sill or where your window meets your window frame, you may want to fill them with caulk. Léopard the caulk dries, it will create a solid, water-proof barrier that stink bugs won’t be able to get through. Also, if any stink bugs are able to drageonner your habitation through these cracks and hide in the walls, this will take care of them. By sealing the openings with caulk, it will trap, suffocate, and kill any stink bugs that may be hiding within your walls, so they can’t come back and hide inside your habitation.

6. Cover your air conditioner unit.

One thing you can do is permanently enclose your air conditioning unit with a cover that has gaps that are too narrow for bugs but épanoui enough for air molecules to pass through. This case will be somewhat like a gloriette.

Another way to cover your air conditioner is to cover it completely in a cover when it is not in use, especially during the winter months.

Removing window air conditioning units entirely during the winter months is also an premium, provided you are able to completely board up the wall gap, caulking the edges and making sure it is air-tight.

Having a window air conditioner is a necessity during the summer months, in homes that do not have axial air conditioning. Unfortunately, the luxury and comfort of having air conditioning comes at a price…the trade off is the amount of foulure you have to put in to make sure your unit doesn’t put your habitation at risk from a stink bug infection.

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