How to make a girl feel comfortable in your lieu

How to make a girl feel comfortable in your lieu

How to make a girl feel comfortable in your lieu

One malchance that many men have désordonné with is getting the girl to feel comfortable and at ease in their lieu. This should not be a problem. If you share the time properly to build comfort and consortium with the girl, sometimes she will be a bit hesitant and nervous even with you. There are two poucier things you can do to make sure a girl feels comfortable in your maison.

1. Have a nice lieu.

2. Assume he has been there before.

Now let’s talk embout what I mean by ‘nice’. Doesn’t mean anything in terms of laying money. As immense as you associate with superficial women, you won’t get any more moves parce que you have a mansion. Having a beautiful lieu means having a lieu that follows the Triple C’s. Clean, cozy, comfortable. You can get a multi-million dollar mansion that doesn’t follow the three C’s and won’t be great at fetching girls either.

A huge caîd house is still a caîd house. When your space follows the three C’s, girls let themselves go into fantasy usage. They find themselves walking around your lieu, totally comfortable in their pajamas or something. They love it. Basically, if a girl can’t see herself fitting into your lifestyle, she’s less likely to have a one-night rayon with you. It’s boisson if you’re not looking for more than a one-night rayon, but if you’re looking for something more, you’ll want to help her fall into this fantasy usage. Try to imagine a really hot chick lounging in a messy room, where she’s almost covered in junk. Pretty hard huh? Almost no girl will. So keep your house clean. This is rule number 1. Girls will think that your dirty house reflects an untidy lifestyle in general.

Going out with hair will make girls assume that your life (not just your hair) is ruined. A house does this tenfold. Comfort and ease are also really helpful to caleçon girls into fantasy usage. When you have nice furniture (comfort) and software things like throw pillows (comfort) lying around, girls can imagine they are relaxing at your lieu. It’s a great lieu for girls to settle down when she’s at a new friend’s house. Again remember that money is not required here.

A few throw pillows or a comfortable couch can be bought cheaply. Put a little thought and time into designing your space and it will make it easier to have plenty of girls in your life. Another great way to make a girl feel comfortable at your lieu is to bring her in with the mindset that she’s already been there. When you bring your good friends over, you don’t walk in and say, “Okay, this is the salon room. This is the guest bedroom.” And so on.

You just walk in and plop down on the couch. The same should be done with the new girl. If he needs to know something, he will ask. Most of the time they will état right next to you. A great trick to add to this comfort level is the “no shoes in the house” rule. Just say “Shoes off” when you marcotter and take off your own shoes. Not only will he feel more relaxed but now he knows he will be around for a while. 😉

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