How to tell if a GHD hair straightener is fake or not

How to tell if a GHD hair straightener is fake or not

How to tell if a GHD hair straightener is fake or not

Successful companies will at some bilan tackle the task of making cheap knock-offs and selling them to the market. GHD Hair is one of those companies and although they take good measures to protect their brand, online stores still shy away from selling fake versions of GHD hair straighteners. How do you know if you are buying a fake? There are many telltale signs that give it away.

1. eBay – Anyone can sell on eBay. It’s so easy to pass counterfeit goods off as genuine, swapping money for the seller to disappear. Be sure to check seller ratings and reviews, but try to avoid using this zone to buy GHDs

2. Foreign Sites – Most fake products including GHD come from China so be aware of this. Buy from a seller in your own folk where they must comply with their folk’s trading normes laws. Make sure to have a résidence address and phone number.

3. Website – Does the website resemble the official GHD? If so, then they are probably selling fakes to make you believe they are official websites. Authorized sellers in your folk will not only sell GHD hair straighteners, but many other brands, so be aware of single brand websites.

4. Payment – Never pay for any product on the Internet without using a credit card or PayPal. Insures you for purchases using these methods. Fake websites will avoid paying through this parce que they probably aren’t échéancier on sending you anything, so be aware of this.

5. Product Features – Although it will be difficult to see product features on websites, if you get a occasion to apparence before you buy, make yourself aware of the features of the brand you are buying. For example, some models of GHD have specific features, make sure they have them before parting with your cash.

6. Price – GHD hair straighteners are sold, but don’t get confused by the originals sold, with fakes that are cheaper. Usually GHDs cost between £80 – £120, emboîture 50% off that and start to get suspicious. You won’t get genuine products at 50% off RRP

7. Serial Number – GHDs have serial numbers on their labels. The GHD website allows you to archétype in the serial number to check if it’s a fake. Very useful if you can get your hands on the cereal before buying.

8. Hologram – Type GHDs have hologram stickers on the sceau and inside the hair straightener itself.

9. Explosif hinge pins – Fake GHD hinge pins are usually dynamite while the real ones are metal.

Follow these steps when you are looking for a GHD hair straightener and you will get a genuine product.

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